Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Cut BreAnna's Bangs = Success!

Ladies and gentlemen, I did the unbelievable. I cut my sister's bangs, by myself, without killing her hair (even though I did poke her in the eye with the scissors...). Yes, my friends, I am so awesome. They didn't turn out how I pictured (I pictured them a bit longer) but otherwise they turned out really cute and successful because she likes them. Let's just hope that she can take care of them now... So I took her outside and of course took some pictures. It's a beautiful day outside and she looks absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see what Mom and Dad think. Let me know what you think!

(My Favorite)

Friday, April 2, 2010

My BCF and I

As I was pondering what to blog about, many subjects came to mind. But the one thing that came to mind was my BCF. Also, as I was thinking of different subjects, this was the only one that really sparked any interest in my mind. Kallie and I have definitely been through a lot together and we have had SOOO many good memories, I just have to share with the world!!!

The picture up above is a collage that she made. Some of the pictures that are on this will probably show up later in the blog.
This next one is a definite favorite. It's very recent and totally awesome. This just shows off her fantastic smile and my soon to be amazing smile :)
We first met in seventh grade homeroom but didn't become friends until 9th grade when we were student directors together in Hansel and Gretal. These ones were edited by yours truly!