Sunday, January 8, 2012

Breaking Social Norms

(My videos are not working momentarily. I'll have them up ASAP.)

Last night was one of the funnest nights ever! I really enjoyed it thanks to good friends. Drew Cornwall called me up and asked if I had any plans for the evening. For once I didn’t and so he asked if I would like to hang out. They (as in Drew, Andrew, and Pam) were planning on going to the mall to “break social norms”. Haha, alright. I’ll play along. I can be pretty crazy, but normally I like to keep myself to myself. No big deal or anything right? Right. Andrew made a list and we split up into couples and it became a date. We had a race to see who could finish first. Here was the list that Andrew came up with:
  • Take a picture with someone wearing the same color shirt as you.
  • Talk to somebody and make them think you are from a different country.
    • (We didn’t get to this one...)
  • Have a speed-walking race from Nordstroms to Macys.  
    • Drew won that one. But only because he had longer legs...
  • Successfully get somebody creeped out on an escalator.  
    • We didn’t accomplish this one, but we definitely tried.
  • Each pick out an outfit for their date, then put it on and walk the cat-walk. 
    • We didn’t get to this one either. It seems like we didn’t do much, but don’t worry, we did. :)
  • Face backwards in an elevator for 5 minutes. 
    • We did this on the escalator... and we didn’t do it for 5 minutes either.
  • Have a push-up competition in the food court. 
    • This one was so hilarious. We actually got a couple of guys in Sports Authorities to do this one with Drew. I didn’t get a picture, but I got a video to post. It was really fun!

  • Stand frozen in a unique position for 3 minutes. 
    • This one was a little harder, and just so you know, 3 minutes is a long time to stay frozen. It was epic! Drew even had a girl take a picture with him. It was awesome!
  • Sniff 5 people, and tell them they smell like daisies (girls) or pure masculinity (boys). 
    • Drew did all of them. I didn’t want to smell someone. HAHA, or tell them that they smelled like pure masculinity... But there was a lady that he smelled on the escalator that went off on how her perfume wasn’t daisies, that it was this fancy stuff *insert French name here* and Drew just politely listened to her as she went off on her unisex scent. SO FUNNY.
  • Ask someone if you can sing them a song. If they say yes, sing O Fortuna! 
    • I don’t know the words to the song, so I just filmed the other three singing to this one guy. We decided after that we would have been better to just sing “Out of the Orient” but of course we didn’t think of that till after we left the mall. I also have a video for this one. The guy was such a good sport!

  • “Ghost” somebody for 1 minute. (Unless they threaten you.) 
    • Drew “ghosted” someone for about 20 seconds before he turned around and looked at him funny, but we counted it anyways.
  • Pretend to propose! 
    • Yeah, we didn’t do that one... haha. Awkward...
  • Tell somebody that they were in your pre-school class... enthusiastically!!! 
    • Drew did this one too. The kid was freaked out a little bit, but I remember his name was Justin. HA!
  • Pretend you are sleeping next to the beds in Macys. (not on, they get angry) 
    • We did this one for 60 seconds. One of the associates kicked Drew’s foot and told him that he couldn’t sleep on the floor. It’s a good thing our minute was up!
  • Have somebody scratch your nose for you. Make up whatever excuse you want. 
    • We were walking into the food court and Drew told me to hold his hands behind his back. He went up to this kid and said, “Hey, we’re doing this thing where she has to hold my hands behind my back for a contest and I was wondering if you would scratch my nose?” The kid actually did it! And then we got his picture with them. They were so worried that it would end up on Facebook. Yeah, whatever. It’s not like they would actually know if it were there... psh...

  • Spontaneous workout! 5 jumping jacks, 10 situps, 10 lunges.
    • I don’t think we ever did the situps... haha, but I got Andrew and Pam on video doing theirs.
Then Drew and I decided to make up some of our own social norm breakers. Like: 
  • Imitating a model (it's kind of creepy if you ask me...)
  • Get as many pictures with random salespeople at the kiosks as you can.
    • This one took a while. There was a really cute guy that I got my picture taken with. It was AWESOME. He was really nice and really hot... just sayin’...

The girl next to me in the middle is in an above picture with me as well. We had the whole group together and the guy wanted a picture with all of us. So we had an older guy take our picture for us. He was really nice. :) Oh yeah, and another side story... there were mall cops behind us and Drew asked to get a picture with them and they got mad at us... It was dumb...

The awesome, cool guy. Drew said that he was flexing just for me. LOL, awkward thumbs!

The girl on the far right with Drew is Jade. We're pretty tight. She doesn't work at a kiosk though... but Drew wanted his picture with her anyways just for kicks :)

Then of course I had to break my own social norms by wearing U of U pajamas and a BYU t-shirt at the same time. I know, it’s totally ironic. I should have gone around to people asking them which school I should go to. Also the fact that I wore pajamas on a date was breaking a social norm. Go me! And also Pam wore a Christmas sweater, Andrew made a sign for her in her favorite colors that said “My Date” and Drew carried my bag all night. We had SO much fun. I can’t wait to do it again!

What is up with all the "thumbs up" in my pictures... as Andrew would say, I have totes awks. (totally awkwaard....)
 Over all, it was a great night. You should try breaking social norms sometime. Of course don't let the cops think you're doing a scavenger hunt, or else you'll get in trouble.

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  1. I am going on a double date. Lots of good ideas from this one :)