Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Million Dollar Tooth

Let me tell you AAAAAAALL about my morning. It was rather adventurous.
So I went to the oral surgeon this morning thinking that I would get my tooth moved up all the way and then they would chain it to my braces and let it wait to fuse to the bone.

I get to the oral surgeon's and they took me into the room that I would have the procedure done. Dr. Park walks in and he asks me how I'm doing and stuff and then we get talking and he says, "So am I on your top 100?"

Haha, what a question for a doctor to ask. Especially one that's done a total of three surgeries on my mouth before. I said... maybe. Probably not after this surgery... And then we both laughed.

I wasn't put under... they just gave me a local anesthetic. I closed my eyes so I couldn't see the needle for the shots. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't comfortable WHATSOEVER. So I was awake for the whole thing. Dr. Park got my tooth up and right where it needed to be (which hurt terribly) with lots of pressure. Then it hurt really bad so he gave me another shot to numb my mouth even further. 

He heard something pop as he was moving the tooth...
They took a quick x-ray of the right side of my mouth.
My mouth was numb and my body shaking.
(Nothing to worry about. Don't worry.)
They pulled up the x-ray.
Here's a summarization of the conversation.

Savanna: What's going on Doc?
Dr. Park: Well, Savanna, we've done so much to your tooth that it has broken under the stress. We're gonna have to remove it now. Even after all that we've had to put you through.


My Brain: WOOHOO!!!!!
              No more waiting for it to fuse to the bone.
              No waiting for it to stay in it's place.

Savanna: *sarcastically* I told you that we should've just taken it out in the first place!
Dr. Park: *laughs* Well, we were trying to save that tooth, but you should be fine. They'll just give you a retainer that will keep the top tooth in the back from growing any further.
Savanna: Alright, sounds good to me.
Dr. Park: Okay, well, we're gonna go get your mom to tell her what's going on.
Savanna: Okay.

*Mom walks in the room*

Savanna: Mom, they gotta pull the tooth!

*mom laughs*
Mom: After all of that?
Savanna: *smiling* Yup! He broke it.
Dr. Park: *explains how the tooth has be traumatized and broke and ya-da ya-da*
Erica (the assistant to the doctor): Are you gonna want laughing gas?
Savanna: Um... no?
Mom: Yeah, you'll probably want it.
Savanna: Well, I've never had it before...
Mom: You're probably gonna want it so that you don't have to focus on it so much when he yanks that tooth out.

My Brain: Oh great.
Savanna: Fine. Give it to me.

I was just a little worried. Not too bad though.
Just wasn't quite sure what to expect.
Dr. Park had suggested it before after he had first found out that he was going to have to pull the tooth. He said that it would be hilarious to have me put on laughing gas cause he already thinks I'm hysterical, even when I'm not doped up on drugs. I just so happen to come up with the wittiest stuff to say when I'm at the oral surgeons (and the orthodontists).

Dr. Park went next door to talk to Dr. Trapnell (my orthodontist) to tell him what had happened and everything. They had put me on laughing gas, which I found out was nitrous oxide. (I asked the nurse... no biggy. Haha, I was curious okay?)

A few minutes later, my entire body was vibrating.
Okay, not really.
It felt really weird.
My back hurt...
and the chair was uncomfortable.
I probably sat there for 15-20 minutes before Dr. Park came in again.
I'm always trying to crack a joke with that guy.
It's rather fun.
He's awesome. :)

Savanna: Dr. Park? Am I on your top 100?
Dr. Park: Oh yeah. I can't even remember most of my patients names but whenever someone says your name, I know exactly who you are.
Savanna: *laughs* Awesome.

I smiled. I love those guys. The orthodontists are the same way. I'm always cracking a joke with them. It's so fun. :)

So they pull the tooth. Which hurt... again. But I was a little out of it so I didn't notice as much. The piece that had broken, they made sure that they had gotten it out of there. I asked if I could keep the tooth, so they bagged it up for me and put it in with my prescription and my gauze (to be changed every 20 minutes! haha) It's a pretty big tooth... I mean, it is one of my 12 year molars. It's pretty sweet. I took a picture of it for you (of course)

Pretty gross, huh?
We call it the million dollar tooth.

They put some oxygen through the tubes to clear my system a bit of the laughing gas. I made them take it off of me before I was completely clear of the stuff because I hate being forced to breathe, ya know? It's just weird. So we head over to the orthodontists because I had an appointment today anyways. I was in a really good mood. I mean... something about that gas stuff made me over the edge of happiness. I was on the edge of hyper almost. Not quite, but almost. So walk into the front of the office and Kanani was there and she said that they would take care of me. They put me in the office as to be away from everyone else. I had specifically said, "I don't want anyone to touch my mouth except for Dr. Trapnell or maybe Mallory." (I really can't remember how to spell her name...  I may come back to fix it once I find out.)

Dr. Trapnell came into the room and said, "Oh, Savanna!" And he gave me a hug. Muchly needed. They care about me. If your kids, or yourself need braces... I would definitely refer you to them. They're so nice and they are just all around good people and they take good care of you!

So he checked my teeth.
He said this and that and I don't really remember everything that he said.
Malorie was changing the bands on my teeth.
Then he said,
"I've saved the best news for last. Next time we can take your braces off."
Yep, I screamed WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! in all the excitement.
(Even with the gauze in my mouth aaand.... Mallory's hands... haha)
Praise the Lord. Let's get me in there ASAP.
So I'm not going tell anyone when I'm getting my braces off. I've only told one person (besides my parents) and that's how it's going to stay. Period the end.
It could be next week,
or it could be 6 weeks from now.
You just never know when it comes to the orthodontist.
But let me tell you.
I would take a picture of myself to show you,
but I look kind of ridiculous right now.
I'm really tired
and I'm ready to go to sleep.
But I had to blog first so that I didn't forget anything!
I took a Lortab (lovely stuff).
And the right side of my mouth is beginning to retain feeling again.
Then Mom took me to Maceys and we got food.
Lots of food.
(I didn't wake up early enough to eat breakfast... heehee)
And she bought me ice cream... my favorite kind TOO :)
(maple nut in case you were wondering...) 
but that's for later, when I can enjoy it a little bit easier.
So yep. THat's the story of my day. :)
Sorry this post is long.
But I tried to make it as enjoyable as I could.
I enjoyed writing it,
so hopefully you'll enjoy reading it!
Come and visit me if you would like.
I'll be home till 5!
Oh and by the way...
Life is Good!
(especially now that the feeling is returning to my mouth!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Letter to My Future Spouse

Somewhere, out in the world that we all live in,
is my future husband.
I know he's out there somewhere,
and I don't know if I've met him yet,
it's a possibility,
but who knows?
Not me...
He could be a good friend of mine already,
or I could have no clue who he is whatsoever.
But he's out there :)
For a while I've been wanting to write a letter to my future husband.
Nothing too fancy,
just simple and meaningful.
The hardest part was deciding what to say.
I finally figured it out and decided that it would be a good "Sunday afternoon project".
I just wrote about the things that I expect from him and
what I know he'll be like.
For example,
I told him that he would be sitting in the temple while he read the letter.
I wouldn't expect anything less from my future husband
but for him to take me to the temple.
Just stuff like that.
I would definitely suggest writing a letter to your future spouse.
Nothing too definite, but pretty general, but all in all, personal and meaningful.
Put it in an envelope, seal it,
then save it in a special place where you won't lose it,
(don't forget to date the letter!),
and then give it to your "soon to be" spouse on the day of your wedding.
Boys, very few things will earn you more brownie points from you future wife
then if you write her a letter way ahead of time.
Haha, just go with it.
It's fun to think about and do.
At least for me anyways.
Just try! Just for fun!

And always remember, life is good. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Probably Just Because He's Cute

Summer is starting off amazingly.
Nothing extravagent has been happening,
but it's stress free and so much fun.
I've been working all weekend,
and I love it.
I love my job and everything about it.
Alex is fitting in quite nicely with the Sensuous gang
and is getting along with all the girls that he has met so far.
(And the older ladies that come in to get their fix of sandwiches and end up flirting with him. ;) )
He's established orders.
He got many compliments on how well he's doing for only his 2nd day on the job.
It's probably just because he's cute.
(He has caught on quickly, don't worry. He's doing really well.)
Hahaha, but I seriously can't help but laugh at all the older women that would comment about him to me all the way down at the cash register.
So funny.
Not just elderly women though.
Don't worry.
Middle-aged too!
He kept telling me how many comments (compliments) he got about his eyes as well.
Which are a fake color (in case you didn't know).
The green color is cool though.
Can't wait to see others' reactions when he wears his lavender ones.
We've also established that he likes taking orders and interacting with the customers a lot more than filling the banana pepper containers.
Haha, awesome.
He's gotta learn it sometime!

On Saturday, Kali asked me how weird it was for him to be working there... on a scale of 1-10, I said 8. That was his first day.

Today it would be more like a... 6.
It's gradually getting less weird as he learns everything.
I think it may take a while for it to become completely normal (if ever...)
but it's definitely been fun. You should come in and see us. Definitely :)
Haha, I'll be sure to keep you updated on more fun with Alex and the other newbies at the shop.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's Review, Shall We?

So having had a junior year bucket list, here are the things that I accomplished (bold), things that didn't get accomplished (italics) and then of course those things that are right there in the middle (both).

Here's the list:
  • Go to every dance (Homecoming, Sadies, Bargain Ball, Preference, Prom and Morp - IN THAT ORDER!) 
    • It was so much fun. I loved going with all the guys that I did. (Some more than others...)
  • Ask a football player out on a date
    • Um... yeah. It was good, but not the best choice I have ever made. 
  • Be elected Student Body President
    • Not exactly. I was all for it, and then I decided to run for something else. So I'm on student council. Yay :)
  • Reach out of my comfort zone to make lots of friends and meet a lot of new people
    • I felt as though I made a lot of friends this year. And not just petty relationships that will never last. I have some really close friends now that I'm only gonna get closer to during senior year.
  • Make Footloose a success, and become as reliable as I can be
    • Footloose was stressful, but SOOO much fun and definitely worth all of the time it took. I really enjoyed every little bit of it. (And bossing people around was lots of fun too :) ) 
  • Get an A in Calculus (come on... at least one term...)
    • Oh brother. Hardest class EVER. I hated that class. Have some good memories with it, but all it brought was pain and misery. Stupid B-'s all year...
  • Take summer school to get ahead and so I'm not miserable Senior year... haha
    • Not even. Just had to make a few sacrifices in order to fill up my FULL schedule for senior year. It won't be difficult though. I promise I won't be miserable at all.
  • Go to every dance with someone different
    • Definitely a success. It was a total blast. Izak, Tanner, Andrew, Kaden, Jordan and Alex. So much fun.
  • Get Driver's License
    • That was exciting. The idea was to get it before my permit expired. I definitely made it happen.
  • Get A's and Honors credit in seminary all year
    • Ha, yup. Still have some stuff to do, but it shouldn't be too difficult :)
  • Pass Calculus AP test at the end of the year with a 4 or a 5
    • I shall let you know in July... when we get our scores... :P I felt good about it though.
  • Actually TAKE the ACT
    • I will be on Saturday... wish me luck!
  • Finish the Book of Mormon
    • Nope. That's been pushed to a summer goal. And I wrote it down. And it's going to happen.
  • Finish Harry Potter Series (I'm on Book 6!!!)
    • Oh yeah. Definitely on my favorite books list now.
  • Make Show and Chamber
    • Nope, I didn't even try out. Had a change of plans and I'm taking photography instead. I'm gonna miss choir a TON, but it'll be totally worth it and I have a lot of memories associated with choir. No worries. I'm gonna miss it a lot, but at the same time, I'm gonna love being able to enjoy all the concerts. :)
  • Get braces off
    • Urgh... We're shooting for July.

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Official

It's official.
Summer's here.
Wanna know how I know?
we had a bonfire tonight,
and we burned our homework and notes and such.
It was quite fun.
And now I smell like campfire.
And then we played frisbee (it lit up... of course)
And I got tackled by Jordan,
and then we played capture the flag and it totally failed miserably.
And yeah...
good stuff.
And then I got annoyed by people.
Then it sucked.
But that's beside the point.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I Could Tell You About

There are a few things that I could tell you about right now. This week has been crazy and so it wouldn't be very hard. I could tell you more about my photoshoot with the Blackham family, or setting up the T on the mountain this morning or even failing to go back this evening and helping take it down, or I could talk about how excited I am to start working with my best friend this summer, or even tell you about how 50% of the girls that sang in my sister's 6th grade graduation tried to sing JB (and I can proudly say that my sister wasn't one of them). But all I truly have to say right now is that I am content. Content with life and everything in it. Thank goodness. I think I'm finally on my way to my peak of happiness again. :)

Hello summer.
And hello to smelling like yummy sandwiches 24/7.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 Person Photoshoot Anyone?

Yesterday, I had my FIRST family photo shoot. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I had so much fun. It really was great. The Blackham's are such a beautiful family, and never have I been with all of them at once. It was exciting! I mean, you can't not have fun with 7 kids. It's just epic. As far as I know, what I've posted, they've been pleased with. (Thank goodness...) Alex kept telling me not to worry and that they weren't too picky. Well, I am! So I'm glad that they like what I've come up with. Hopefully they'll print well. That's another thing that I'm worried about. Hopefully it'll turn out nicely. I got the news that both parents were pleased. That's all that matters. Is it weird that I'm still a bit nervous? Yup. Alright. Fair enough. Here's my favorite picture. These are all the kids, oldest to youngest, left to right: Shalyn, Andrew, Tony, Alex, Kalista, Adam and Aaron. Wonderful aren't they?