Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prom 2011

For once,
on this very night,
I felt stunning.
I've felt pretty,
and confident in myself,
but never have I felt as beautiful as I did tonight.
Prom was stressful because I wasn't prepared for it at all,
but I would like to thank my date,
Jordan Casper for a wonderful night.
He was a perfectly wonderful gentleman,
and I'm very grateful that he asked me,
and if I could go back in time, 
I wouldn't want to go with anyone else.
Even though I'm not as happy with life right now as I like to be,
I know deep down in my heart,
that everything will be alright,
and that I'm going to make it through this little rut.
After all, 
it feels as though God tests us at our weakest spots,
because he does.
And that's to make our weak spots stronger. 
Here are some pictures from tonight. 
I love how some of them turned out.
I love life,
and quite frankly,
life is good. :)
Oh, and between you and I,
I still have my dress on... 
I don't want to take it off!!! :P
I just love it so much!

After we both blow dried our hair. Crazy huh?

Getting the hair done!

Maddi getting her hair done

Yup... make-up... I know... crazy right?

Yeah, that was disgusting...

Just for the record, I did it perfectly the first time and it looked amazing to say the least. I am pro. :)

Madz and I - Don't we look awesome? Yeah, I think so too... :D

For once,
on this very night,
I felt stunning.
And let's be honest...
I did look awesome.
I'm tired... So if you want to see the rest of the photos,
you can look on Facebook.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Last Friday was extremely exciting. Regardless of the drama, I wish it would come back. For my sanity and such. It was extremely fun to do Alex's birthday present and then go on the first half of our date for prom. Very exciting.

So I asked my good friend, Alex Blackham, to Morp. (Some complications have come up for that day, so hopefully they can be worked around.) I took a small jewelry display box and glued a piece of paper in the baggy that said "MORP?" as shown above. :)

Then I continued to put this box in a slightly larger box and then put that box in a slightly larger box and so forth. I'm pretty sure that I ended up with 6 boxes in all and ended up with this big box. I got a picture of the smallest one and the largest one together.

It is an extremely large box.
It was pretty sweet.

I wrapped the big large box and quite frankly the only wrapping paper I could find was the stuff with gingerbread on it.
And then I colored a couple of gingerbread on the wrapping paper
and made it all fun like.

Then, I made this card for him. All by myself.
I was feeling rather crafty...

And I had a lot on my mind.
I do stuff like that when I've got a lot on my mind and such.
Then I attached some popcorn to it and tied ribbon around it.
Pretty sweet right?
Very rarely do I have the time to hand-make the cards I give to people.
And then I wrote in it of course.

And of course, this is me with the giant box of awesomeness.
Haven't received a reply yet, and probably won't for about another week or so,
but it's alright.
Between you and me,
I told him that I was going to ask him before hand,
he just didn't know when I was going to ask him.
When better than his birthday though, right? :)

Well, then later that night, we had our day date a week early. We went to a tumbling gym, and it was rather epic. My wonderful date Jordan and I, had a great time. We got stuck in large, giant pits of foam and climbed rock walls, screamed, laughed, aaaaaaand had lots of fun of course. Then we went to Jordan's house and played "signs". It was rather exciting. I can't wait for Prom which is TOMORROW! GAH! It's finally here. I have fortunately gotten myself pumped for it again. I am just extremely unprepared... I don't have shoes... or a boutineer... but, I am a problem solver and a solution finder. I will make it happen. Here are a few pictures and videos of the wonderful day date and hopefully I shall have the awesomeness of gracing you with an update of tomorrow after tomorrow's events.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Answer this for me. Sometimes people just expect too much out of me. I feel as though it is often a problem. What do you think? I'm not sure...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

So I got to speak in sacrament today and my family showed up (as well as a few close friends), and doubled the attendance in the ward. CRAZY! I know. So after sacrament, we all went home, changed, and then went over to grandma’s for a fun-filled day. I love my family. They bring me the happiness that I can’t get anywhere else... :) Also, I wanted to add that there will be more pictures to come. These are just some more glamorous pictures rather than what actually happened. Probably some of my best yet. So... maybe on Facebook when I allow myself back on in about a month and a half... ha! I love little kids. Especially when they smile... and horses were fun to take pictures of. Definitely gonna have to do that more often. Let me know what you think! :)

Wow... I hope you love your family just as much as I love mine...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I had a dream like... 3 minutes ago. And I know what I'm going to speak on tomorrow in church for Easter. I've been hoping that I would get the pure awesomeness of inspiration somehow. Well, now I've got to go and write down some ideas before I forget them. That would be bad. Oh! My heart is pounding! I love this! :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling Better

I babysat my cousins tonight. Ages 9, almost 8 and almost 4. Always welcome in their eyes and rushing for hugs as soon as I walk in the door. I'm sad that I can't watch them tomorrow, but I've got a date. :)

And don't worry Chels. I didn't give in to anyone, I just worked things out with my date, who happens to be one of the coolest people I know. Much love to Shaundra and Erin as well. I love you all very very much. More than you know ♥ 
And regardless of the drama,
Life is good.

Sav: "Hey Sage, guess what?"
Sage (almost 4): "What?"
Sav: "I like you..." (this is where I smiled widely)
Sage: (this is where she got a very puzzled look on her face and she very matter-of-factly said,) "You have blue teeth!"

(So these pictures are about a year old... but they work. I shall get some new ones soon. They're just the cutest though, aren't they?)

I Just Wanna Run

Yep, just like the song.
I wanna run.
There are few things in life right now that keep me from doing so.
I know that people love me,
and that my friends really do care for me,
but it doesn't seem like it
when they tell you that
you HAVE to change your plans for tomorrow
because you're the only one that has plans that day.
They act as though
my plans aren't as important.
Prom is a freaking week away still.
The day date isn't even that important.
If they would just stop over obsessing about it,
that would be great.
It wouldn't be as big a deal if one of them had come up to me
and asked if there was any way I could change my plans
for tomorrow,
but no.
She came up to me and
"You have to change your plans for tomorrow because
so and so's cousin father's rainbow's pot of gold
is getting married on Saturday and there's no way that
we can do the date any other time. So YOU are the only
one that has plans on Friday, therefore YOU have to change them."
I simply said, "And you can't just ask me if I can change my plans?"
And she simply said, "Yep."
And therefore, I walked away.
Yeah. I'm pissed.
Which might be an understatement.
I already promised my aunt that I would babysit for her tomorrow night,
all night.
And obviously...
that's not as important as Prom...
Oh. em. gee.
Everyone panic and die and throw a fit if we can't fit in a day date.
It's not my fault they scheduled the Calculus practice test on the same day.
It's not like I went up to Mr. Jackson and said,
"Look, I need you to put the Calculus party on the same day as prom so that everyone can freak out about it, and then I can make plans the weekend before hand and then they can chew me out for making plans on the day that no body else has plans."
I'm not important to any of them.
So don't worry about me.
I'm going on a date tomorrow.
On my best friend's birthday.
And I might not even get to see him.
Depends on what time this so important date is at.
Well....Honestly, prom is just another dance.
Some might call it democracy...
I call it tyranny of the majority.

That people spend far too much money on.
Guys, don't be stupid.
It's okay to spend money,
but save that extra hundred dollars
that you may spend on a limo,
for your missions.Today is one of those days that just pisses me off.
I'm pissed at the world currently,
so watch out.
It's times like these that I wish I had
pissy, I hate the world, emo, heavy metal music
to listen to.
Oh, wait...
I probably do.
Thank you Dad for being a teenager in the 80s.
Much love.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I did it.
(I deactivated my Facebook account.)
You don't believe me?
Go check for yourself.
My profile ain't there.
Sad day isn't it?
Yep, pretty much.
I figured it would be really good for me.
My parents think it's the dumbest thing ever.
And yet...
I'm hoping it'll help save time in my day,
keep me from staying up too late for pointless reasons,
and get rid of my procrastination problem.
it's a problem.
There are about 30 days left of school.
Hm... that's about, 45 days including weekends.
(drum roll please)
It's summer.
The sweet smell of relief is just around the corner.
Working full time during the summer and living the life.
That's what spring break was like;
a fresh taste of what summer shall taste like.
Except twice as much work and twice as much play.
It's gonna be sweet.
So then,
and only then,
will I reactivate my Facebook account.
For summer.
I'll let you know how it goes.
And if you see me on Facebook anytime soon,
you'll know that I caved in.
But I won't.
I'm gonna stay strong and keep it deactivated,
unless it's an emergency.
Like a REAL emergency.
Anyways, I'll be keeping you all updated here,
so invite your friends to read the blog.
I've added a poll on the right hand side of the page.
Do you think that I can make it to summer?
Let's say... graduation?
I like that idea.
That's June 2nd.
I'm up for the challenge.
Be sure to cast your vote and invite your friends to do the same.
Then leave a comment of why you think I can or can't do it.
But quite frankly,
even without Facebook...
Life is Good.

PS If you can't see what it says on the poll, the top choice is "yes" and the bottom choice is "no". It's being really dumb, and it's SUPPOSED to be white, but it's the same color as the background. I've tried fixing it, but it won't work. Anyways, I want as many votes as I can get! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Andrew Blackham

Well, Alex has been telling me that him and his brother are extremely alike. Little did I know until I met him for the first time today while doing a photoshoot. This is just a sneak peak of the pictures. We got a lot of good ones and I couldn't wait to post, so here's a few for safe-keeping :)
(I told you that I would probably have some of the best ones posted ASAP... :))

I couldn't decide which one I like better; the color or the black and white version?

I think this one is my absolute favorite... but I don't know... haha, they all look great!

Let me know which one is your favorite :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Feel Like Rambling...

I'm in one of those moods... I feel like rambling... and this will also count as my journal entry today... cause... yeah. Here goes nothing!

I've been cleaning house all day.
It was nice to finally get in the shower.
Spring cleaning is INTENSE at my house.
(Because it doesn't happen all that often.)
Maddi came over and started cleaning the kitchen this morning.
She's coming back tomorrow to finish it.
I cleaned my room and sorted laundry for half of the day.
And then Maddi wanted me to help her.
It was rather crazy.
I may go into detail about that later.
Our kitchen is still a wreck.
But like I said, Maddi's coming back tomorrow to finish.

On a new topic.
I just want to say something about love.
(I'm currently chatting with someone on Facebook about it... so I thought I might say something.)
True love is in friendship, people!!!
Please feel free to quote me!
Make really strong friendships with your friends.
Especially with the opposite gender,
because those peeps are gonna be the best choice for marriage.
Sounds ridiculous?
Well, actually, it's probably only the BEST THING EVER.
Feel free to disagree,
but my opinion won't budge.
Here's one of my favorite poems.
Please feel free to enjoy.

(This is a rambly, so don't get caught too off-guard when the subject suddenly changes.)

I've been needing a haircut lately. BAD.
I just decided tonight that I couldn't wait anymore,
so when I got out of the shower tonight
I trimmed my bangs
and they look better.
I can wear my hair down again
and feel good about it.
Thank goodness.
I never have split ends.
It's nice.
My hair's getting long again though.
And I love it.

Hm... I have to work tomorrow.
And then I have a photoshoot!
Alex called me yesterday saying that his brother,
wanted to do a photoshoot.
Um... OKAY!
Haha, canNOT wait.
Planning on tomorrow,
also, depending on the temperament of the weather.
Hopefully it's not down pouring ALL day.
I'm thinking downtown Provo.
I love that place.
A lot.
It's the last place my pictures were taken.
I'm gonna go do some studying up.
Haven't taken any pictures for a while.
And I must do my best,
and I must make them look AWESOME.
(as usual.)
The last photoshoot I had...
I don't remember...
like a legitimate photo shoot...
Has it been that long???
That was on the first day of the year...

Well, I guess I DID use it for Preference...
and to help Alex with student council posters.

But those don't count... :(
Wow... I'm a terrible person...
My poor camera.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Every Once In A While...

Hello blogging world! I'm back! And with many stories to tell. I feel that I must post the most recent happening and I have come to believe that anyone can appreciate this, especially if you're in Mr. Broadbent's B4 Physics class. Raquel, I hope that you are able to get your car fixed. :)
Now, this is proof that every once in a while, physics can be fun.
Especially when there's some demolition involved!

This is what can happen if you let a bottled rocket hit the windshield of a car at 75 mph...

These two were the makers of the rocket. Splendid!

And this was the note that Jake left for them! (This was before we knew who's car it was.)

And this is everybody gathered around the car to check out the damage.