Saturday, February 26, 2011

100 Things I Love

It's my 100th blog post!!!!!!
(this is where you whoop and holler and applaud my great name)
And guess what else?
I'm brilliant.
Wanna know why?
Well, good.
Because I'm gonna tell you either way.
I figured that I would save this very special post for a "100 Things I Love" list.
Yep, and lists are on this list.
This isn't limited to what I love, but pretty much the gist of it.
I knew you would be. :)
  1. my momma (unless she starts driving like a maniac)
  2. movies (Despicable Me, Adventures in Babysitting, Star Trek, etc.)
  3. socializing
  4. peanut butter
  5. photography
  6. theater
  7. my dad (on good days)
  8. Sensuous Sandwiches (get over it... I'm obsessed)
  9. Chuck (and Zachary Levi... yummm)
  10. orthodontist appointments (really. no joke.)
  11. Seattle (best marathon I tagged along for. by far.)
  12. California
  13. da beach!
  14. my teléfono
  15. music
  16. making fashion statements (occassionally)
  17. sleeping (zzzzzzz...)
  18. laughing till I pee my pants (it's true)
  19. writing in my journal
  20. computers (except when they won't multi-task)
  21. talking (most of what comes out of my mouth is pointless and I'll be the first one to admit it)
  22. video games
  23. apples (green and CRISP!!!)
  24. oranges
  25. ramen noodles
  26. doing NOTHING
  27. reading (when I'm in the mood)
  28. summer
  29. no homework
  30. making people laugh
  31. getting my braces off (I just know it'll be awesome, k?)
  32. Wal-Mart
  33. camping (Zions, girls camp, sand dunes, etc.)
  34. people watching
  35. old trucks
  36. sleepovers with Carly
  37. my pink hat (yep, it's a trademark of mine)
  38. old rock bands (Styx, Journey, Def Leppard, etc.)
  39. making lists (completing them is a completely different story)
  40. my hair (when it's soft and luscious)
  41. receiving/sending letters (yeah, I do have a pen pal!)
  42. sending postcards
  43. hotels (when I'm not afraid to look under the bed or go into the bathroom)
  44. mismatching socks (and any socks for that matter... you can never have too many as long as they're fresh and clean)
  45. funny, well-written blogs
  46. singing in the shower
  47. working (well... on good days... and my paycheck, ha)
  48. blasting the music when no one is home
  49. pillows
  50. my plush blanket
  51. photo frames
  52. procrastinating (I'm the best)
  53. NCIS
  54. black pens
  55. calendars
  56. Timpanogos paraphernalia
  57. seminary
  58. cheese and crackers
  59. the gospel
  60. deodorant (it saves many a soul from DEATH)
  61. glasses (sunglasses, real glasses, 3D GLASSES!, it's a weird fetish of mine)
  62. the city (which is why Seattle and San Diego are two of my favorite places to go on vacation)
  63. temples (they're just so breathtaking!)
  64. trying new things (within reason)
  65. hoodies
  66. sweats
  67. "Love Spell" lotion (Victoria's Secret baby!)
  68. overachieving (I don't do it often)
  69. a genuine smile
  70. organizing my bedroom (my clothes rack is sorted by color, ha)
  71. fresh laundry
  72. Facebook
  73. glowsticks
  74. choir
  75. being a techie
  76. milk
  77. home videos
  78. sneezing (it's a pleasurable sensation)
  79. holding hands (yeah, for someone who doesn't do it much, I still love it and it depends on who you are too... I don't just hold hands with anybody)
  80. warm rain
  81. impulsive decisions
  82. cereal (I live off the stuff)
  83. spiritual conversations/thoughts
  84. lightning
  85. thunder
  86. summer BBQs
  87. salt and vinegar chips
  88. anything colorful
  89. roller coasters
  90. photo booths
  91. amusement parks
  92. starry nights
  93. bruises (they're cool alright?)
  94. my FRIENDS (and cousins... they're my bestest friends)
  95. potatoes (basically anything made out of potatoes is delicious)
  96. ranch (I like it on my potatoes... as well as other things)
  97. dogs (wolves are my favorite!)
  98. chicken patty sandwiches (I don't know what it is about them that I love so much... but I have them every day at lunch when they have them. Rarely is the main better.)
  99. oreos (and as stated above, milk)
  100. BLOGGING!!!
Well, now that you've read my 100 things that I love, I hope that you'll love my blog enough to follow it. Yes? I mean, the button is RIGHT THERE --------------------->
Not too hard to find.
Unless you're looking in the wrong spot... then you might have issues.
Okay, well, that's the post for the night.
I'll be going and spending my time doing things that are worth my time doing.
(ha, yeah right.)
That's another thing that I love...wasting time... I guess that goes with procrastination huh?
Oh, well. Life is good. :)
P.S. Also, comment and tell me the things that we love in common.
And just things that you love <3

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exhausted Excitement

I. Am. Exhausted.
Nothing bothers me more than when I don't have the time or energy to do all the things that I love. I just hope that I can manage myself a little better next year. I wouldn't say that I'm miserable, but I'm beyond stressed. Grades just aren't my best. Next year there are a few things that are on my side and taken advantage of. Thank goodness I'm gonna have some fun next year.

• I don't have a math class.
• I don't have a science class.
• I have a lot of classes that are relevant to my chosen career (i.e. photography, business management, web design)
• I'm running for student council! (ah! I'm super nervous!) And it's gonna be awesome.
• I have been given the opportunity to be the permanent stage manager for Productions Company, but since I want to take Humanities with Crampton and it is also A4, I'm going to be a TA for Broberg first semester to keep adding and building up my portfolio for a scholarship.

• I don't have room for choir. :( This saddens me because I really truly don't know what I am going to do without it! It's crazy! I have worked all through junior high and high school and I'm not even going to tryout for chamber. It depresses me a bit, but I must do things that are going to help me with my future. I just have to take that into consideration.

So basically, either way, whether I make student council or not, I'm going to have a busy year next year. Especially with stage managing, advanced photography, and just keeping up with everything that I do.

Also, it's 12 days till Disneyland! I am so excited to go on this trip!!! It's so exhilarating! We had our tour meeting yesterday and it was just so awesome!!! It made me even more pumped for it just to hear all about it, get our itineraries for it and finally get to see all that we do. My next task is to get together with Carly and make a final list of everything I'm going to take. EVERYTHING. Down to the last bobby pin. I think I'll start on that tomorrow. This vacation is gonna be so nice! It's sweet! Gah! I'm running out of awesome positive words! Anybody got any? Anyways, it's gonna be awesome. And I'm gonna plan where everything is gonna go and have places for stuff. It's just... Wow... It just CANNOT come soon enough!!!!!

So today in English, we started poetry. Yep, that's right. Poetry. I'm probably the most excited about this unit than I normally would (the fact that I got more than half, as well as more than anyone in the class, could have contributed a major part into this excitement). So if I write anything so amazing that it just blows me and Mrs. Crampton away, I'll be sure to share it with you. (Honestly, it's not likely to happen, but we never know now do we?) I'm pretty stoked about it and we can all thank Mrs. Phippen (my English teacher last year) for pounding poetry and figurative language into our heads. I definitely have to give her most of the credit for my soon to be success in our poetry unit.

Alright, now that that is out of the way, I don't really have much else to say. I mean, I could keep going, but I won't, just for the sake of your sanity. Man, I haven't written a rambly blogpost for a while. I quite enjoyed this. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Prefer Peanut Butter

This was one of the activities that we did for Preference. 
We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 
Except we did things a bit differently... :)
You wish you could make your peanut butter sandwiches like we do!
I would put everyone's videos on here, but they take FOREVER to upload, so hopefully I'll get them all onto Facebook here pretty quickly... okay... eventually... but,


Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is another old video that I found.
It's hilarious.
That is... it could be a location joke.
Meaning you had to be there to really find it hilariously amusing.
Eh, you can think we're crazy for all I care.
I still like you.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

doubt. (1)

So just in case you don't see the new description on the side of my blog --->
(you may need to scroll down a bit),
Here's the deal with it. I'll ask someone, completely random that I know, to give me a word. A word with deep meaning, that is simple, yet intelligent and then I'LL BLOG ABOUT IT!
Sounds pretty cool right? Yeah, I know.
(I can't believe I came up with it myself.)

I won't be able to do these every day, but I'll do them as often as I feel like.

Today's word is...

This word was given to me by one of my bestest girlie friends, Carly :)
The reason I've chosen this one out of the random masses of words that I've received from fellow acquaintances today is because I have had a lot of it lately.
And it's hard to deal with.
And I hate it.
Almost as much as I hate using the word "and" at the beginning of a sentence, yet, somehow I still manage to use it.

Story time:
Since about September, I've had the sudden urge. You know those kinds of things that you know you have the ability to do, yet, you're not quite sure you have the capability or the power to do it? Yeah... that kind of urge. Ambition caught me by surprise. I don't even know how or why I thought what I thought that day. What I do remember is walking about with Carly... and saying hi to lots of people (as I usually do) and suddenly thinking, "wow, it would be so cool to be Student Body President."
Random. I know.
So I said to Carly (along these lines), "Hm... maybe I should run for SB President?"
And she looked at me and said, "Vanna, I was just about to say that."
(what the...???)
I suddenly had the inspiration to do it.
But alas I had to wait till the end of March to run.
AHHHH!!!!! It's half-way through FEBRUARY!!!
I'm not ready for this!
But I can do it.
I've finally decided that I'm just gonna do it.
I have nothing to lose.
My friends aren't just gonna disown me if I don't make it.
Neither is my family.
(Neither is God...)
My goal is to come out of it triumphant.
(Whether I win the election or not.)
I just have to work hard,
do my best,
and reach above and beyond to reach out to other people.
That's what it's all about for me.
The opportunity to serve people and the student body of Timpanogos High School in a way that I could never do without the position.
It's just an opportunity opener.
And I'm ready to open that door.

But I have those doubts.
Those doubts of whether I can do it or not.
Because my opponent may be more popular than me,
or more outgoing than I am,
or maybe... maybe... just beat me by a long-run.
I'm not sure I could handle that.

But when I talk to people who know me really well,
who know me better than I know myself,
and encourage me to go for it,
and to reach for the sky,
I realize that it's people like that who believe in me,
are the ones I should be most grateful for.
For lifting my self-esteem,
boosting my confidence,
and raising me up.

I've been in kind of a rut lately with everything.
Doubt is a hard thing to live with.
We all suffer through it every day,
whether it's about our math test that we aren't sure if we'll be able to pass...
(I have a Calculus test on Monday... :|)
or being able to make it as Student Body President.

I can't even explain to you how badly I want this...
and how much I want it to work out.
But through prayer and fasting,
I'm sure I can rid of this nasty infection inside my heart and my brain.
All around, I know I can do this.
And I am COMPLETELY capable of it.
I just need a little help.
And I'm not afraid to admit it!!! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm addicted to editing and I'll be the first one to admit it (especially since I've figured out how to play with photoshop). I'm dying to take some more pictures so that I have more to play with! I've just been messing around with these pictures of my cousin, Maddi. If you've seen some of my stuff before, you've probably seen some of these. They're just edited a little differently this time :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tithing is Truly a Blessing. Promise.

My life has taken a few twists and turns in the last week or two. I'm so exhausted and emotionally drained it's not even funny. I was talking to Izak on the phone last night and kind of asking for advice as to what I should do. He helped a lot. I love that kid. A lot. Always there for me. I hope that you have a friend like that, if not several of them. If you don't, than I'm not quite sure how you make it. You may have to explain it to me one day, k?

Anyways, most of you know that ever since I saved up for my big fat camera, I've been trying to pay for drama tour to Las Vegas and LA (yes, we are going to Disneyland :)) I am so super pumped for this trip, nothing is gonna bring me down. (except for maybe the mass amounts of make-up that I'm gonna have to do. Grr...) So two weeks ago I finished paying off the $700 fee. It was time to start saving for souvenirs and food. Glorious food. I love food. But that topic it for another day.

So while I was paying for tour, I was working long Saturday shifts and babysitting whenever it was offered to me and pretty much taking on anything that I could. I remembered to pay my tithing whenever I had cash and I've been pretty good at keeping up on it. As of lately I've been stressing about money and school, time and anxiety and being able to have enough money to go on tour with. I tried to remember that I would pay off tour faster if I paid my tithing first. Still stressing about money, therefore:

....I applied for a second job.

I know, I know... I'm crazy. I KNOW. And guess what else?

I got it.

It was basically handed over to me.
Now, money isn't the only reason I wanted a different job. I love Sensuous with all of my heart, but I need to find something that expands my horizons and find a job where I'm not working for my mother... I just need that perspective. Because let's be honest, I'm not gonna be working for or with my mom forever.

Anyways, I've prayed about it and just honestly... I don't have the time. I hardly have time for my first job... Let alone a second. Homework is just crazy and it doesn't make me happy inside. Anyways, so I'm starving for money right? Well, this is how I got the answer to my prayers.

Yesterday morning in first period, Broberg called me up to her desk. I found out that I had overpaid my $90 for tour! And she's gonna refund that money to me. Apparently tour is only costing us $610 Ha! There's money for food! And I've already paid the tithing for this money! Although I'll probably use some of it for current earnings and tithing and such. It's so nice not having to worry about it. I keep telling my parents that if they pay their tithing, bills will become easier to pay. Dad doesn't believe me.

Tithing is a blessing. It's a privilege and it's a known fact that you ARE blessed when you diligently and faithfully pay that little 10%. Think about it. 10% really isn't that much... You just have to be patient, but the blessings WILL become relevant to you and they will become known unto you. It's so wonderful.

And just so you know.....
....I'm not taking the job.
And just so you know....
Little Caesars is hiring. :)