Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is there ever any time to read a regular book?

I don't even remember when this started, but sometime this year, I started buying a vast number of books off of Amazon as well as walking myself down to BN after work some days during the summer. I've got quite the collection now. It's not quite as magnificent as I would like it to be, but it's getting there. There's another thing... I haven't really had all that much time to read them, therefore, some of them sit there without having been read and I really would like to read them, but these thoughts always cross my mind everytime I look at them and am craving to read them:

Either: "No, I really shouldn't read right now. I've got other things I could be doing. I have to do chores and homework and get(stay) caught up on everything. I just don't have time."

OR: "I shouldn't be reading those books when I could be reading my scriptures. I wish I could read the Book of Mormon for hours on end like I do other books and just wiz right through it." (I wonder if there's a reason for that... Is there a reason that I can't just read the book? It's probably my perceptive mind and my strange ability to have to think about it. Interesting.) I also find myself thinking "I should be spending time reading the Book of Mormon so that I'll be able to finish the challenge by completing it by the end of March." (It was a challenge given by our bishopric.) So what happens when I do finish? Do I just start over? That's another thing. I have a hard time reading a book twice if I can remember what it's about. But then again, by the time I finish and start over, it won't be the same. I'll always find new things? I think so. Especially since it takes me so long to read.

Anyways, see all these thoughts going through my head? I just feel as though you can't successfully read that special book without studying it. It's not the same if you don't. Well, one day I'll have time to read all seven books of the Chronicles of Narnia (that I have in one big awesome book, by the way...) and one day I'll have time to sit down and find out what happens to Cassia and Ky in the "Matched" trilogy to see if they ever truly fall in love and run away together or wait and see it she ends up marrying Xander.

Meantime, I'm off to clean bedroom, do laundry and catch up on some homework (mainly the reproductive systems in health... can you tell why I've been putting it off? yeah, me too). Now just to do them in a fashionable order, while staying downstairs as to not catch mom's... illness... I guess you could say.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa's Lap

I had this whole paragraph typed up explaining and expressing feelings, but instead I'm just going to show you pictures and leave it at that. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Put A Puzzle Together With Dad.

#5 on the list is complete. It's awesome. I bought a puzzle with Nikki last Friday night (along with some ice cream) and since Nikki and I didn't finish it (the puzzle that is), I thought that Dad and I might enjoy it. It would be some good "time for bonding". While we did it at the kitchen table, not much was said except for, "Where do you think this piece goes?" or "Which building do you think this piece belongs to?" or even "No, no, no, that piece doesn't go there." The puzzle was of temple square. It took us together about 3 hours to do. It was totally worth it. It's beautiful. I even had a frame all ready to go that I had found a few months ago for it to go in. It's incredible. The picture that I put up doesn't do it justice. You'll have to come by and see it for yourself sometime :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reasons to Blog

  • Sharing Stories
    • I love sharing the most random stories. They make me laugh and I like to think that they make others smile too. For instance, today after I got off work and went to the store and stuff I went to the last part of mutual just to visit and make an appearance. (I needed it. It was fun.) And then mostly everyone had gone and Amber was taking my sister and I, as well as my neighbor's home and she was chatting with Carla. I asked if I could have an apple, (Actually, my exact words were, "I don't want to seem like a mooch, but can I have an apple?") and she said yes, so she pulled one out of the bowl and I noticed that there was an unusual looking stem on the apple. The stem started to move and before I realize it, I'm screaming like a little girl and jumping away into the other room as fast as I can. There was a spider... on the apple. It was scary. I'm sorry, but apple stems don't normally move. I'm sure you can understand right? Well, we certainly got a good laugh out of that.

  • Sharing Pictures 
    • What I love about pictures is that they're fun and vibrant and add some snazz to the blog. They contrast the simple layout too. Haha :) They also normally come with a story and some quotes. Anyways, here's an example:

This picture was drawn by Agnes in tech this morning when we were talking about lighting and costumes. It was interesting to find out that when you put a green light on a magenta dress, it will turn black. Interesting huh? Well, this picture is Abby! Haha, Agnes said, "I'm not good at drawing pelvic thrusts!" This is Abby "being the diva she is". I don't know. I guess you might not think it funny unless you were there, but let me tell you, if you were there, it was hilarious!

  • Sharing Inspiration
    • I'm not quite sure I have a current example of this one, but I love sharing all kinds of stories (obviously), but some of my favorite are those that have the capability of having a more personal connection to others. I shared this scripture on Facebook the other day:
‎2 Nephi 10:23 - "Therefore, cheer up your hearts and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves -- to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life."

I read that a few nights ago, and it's stuck with me ever since. I'm glad I have it posted everywhere because I've had a really rough day. I can act however I want and I can choose to be whatever, so why wouldn't I choose to be happy? Why should I let others get in the way of my happiness. Next time I'm going to shove them over and walk on past (metaphorically of course). I shared it on Facebook and then my good friend, Kiara Pratt, posted this as her status (which made me really happy):

"So I have been having a challenging couple of weeks with school and all and it's not fun when you're grades down but I read this [scripture] on my dear friend Savanna Skinner's page...Thank you for helping me remember to stay positive my friend! You are amazing!"

Kiara, thanks for letting me be inspiring. It helped me a lot to boost your mood, even for just one day. I love you and thank you for your kind words.

  • To VENT
    • Sometimes these aren't as enjoyable for me to read, but I know that some people don't mind reading them, so every once in a while I'll share a personal upset feeling or two. But due to my need to remain positive, I don't feel it appropriate to talk about negative things right now. I'm trying to stay positive.
  • To Procrastinate and/or Cure Boredom
    • Let's be honest, of course there's something better I could be doing with my time (e.g. sleeping). HA, of course, but am I? Nope. In fact, I'm slowing dwindling to unconscienceness as I'm typing and slowly convincing myself that I'm too lazy to go and jump in the shower right now. Well, I had better go and take care of that so that I can go to sleep.
What are some of the reasons you blog? 
Yep, this is my dad... and yep, he's went head first into the pile of leaves. Solid. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Partial Black Friday Experience

I experienced my first Black Friday with Maddi tonight. (She called it Black Thursday since it's not quite yet Friday.) And not even fully. We just went to Wal-Mart at around 9 o'clock to buy some movies and to get out of the house and holy tamoles... we had a hard time finding a parking spot... it was absolutely crazy!!! We were thankful that they were letting people inside, but we weren't quite sure how we were going to get around. Push and shove people was what we were looking at, but fortunately we didn't have to get too rough. I only took one picture of us and it's not even a good one. We even went to Target and didn't even stop cause they were making people wait outside and we had to get home. Half way home, I realized that I should have taken a picture of everyone there since it was a part of our adventure, but I neglected to do so. That's okay though :) Anyways, I got two new movies to add to my collection (it's getting quite large in number, not huge, but I've spent a lot of money on $5 movies! haha). I got "Yours, Mine and Ours". Mom and Maddi told me that it was a good one, so I got it and then I bought "A Knights Tale"... I've seen it once, but I don't remember much. Haha, anyways, Thanksgiving was good. I'm thankful for everything in my life. Hope you stuffed your faces and I hope that no one went hungry today. Have a good rest of your weekend and if you're out doing Black Friday, don't get trampled.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sadies 2011

Normally it's against everything in my well being to blog more than once in a day... but these are special circumstances... haha. I'm WAY behind and I have LOTS to share. About three and a half weeks ago, I went to Sadies with Drew Cornwall. (Freaking love this kid... one of my FAVORITE people EVER.) And I just wanted to share some pictures with you, cause that's just how I am. I would share more, but I don't have them all yet. So here are my favorites of what I have so far :)

Tied for first for the best dance date I've been on. I only wish I had more pictures to share with you! Thank you Kayla for taking our pictures for us!

Fast Ball

My future is basically being thrown at me at 98 mph... if not faster. For the longest time I was absolutely dreading going to college, moving out... moving on. Sometimes moving on has a sad connotation along with it, but this time it's just about moving on to bigger and better things. It's the next step of life and it's the next challenge I still have yet to face. (Especially the living on my own part...)

I was dreading the decision of which college to go to. Absolutely nuts. Well, I applied for two colleges. The first one I applied for was SUU. Felt excited about it, but then I went down there for the Shakespeare Competition the second week in October.... and to be perfectly honest, it just didn't feel right. I didn't like it. Then by the time I had gotten my acceptance letter, as well as a $4000 acedemic scholarship, I had already decided on a different school that wasn't even in the options earlier on. Not even at college day. I wish I had thought of it then. I just feel really good about it though. So guess what?

I'm gonna be a UTE :)
I applied and last Tuesday I got my acceptance letter.

No wonderful, save my butt scholarship yet... but even my dad, who's worried about money more than I am, said that I should go to the school that feels right rather than the school that offers me more money. Of course I pick the second most expensive school in the state, but hey, what's right is right. There's no doubting it.

I even stole my mom's Utah sweater,

(I was trying to hold it up and take a picture at the same time. Fail... I know.)

and I'm ready to give it back, only hoping that I'll be able to receive one for Christmas. Haha, but I told Carly the day after I got my letter, I would wear the sweater to school. We were both shouting for joy and hugging each other that morning. It was really exciting. I'm also applying for other scholarships. I'll probably be sure to let you know how it goes. Two months ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what I wanted to do with my life or what I wanted to be. Well, as of now, I'm going to the University of Utah, and it's going to be fantastic. I already know it.

Quick story:
On Halloween, we went up the canyon to go ziplining in the dark (which was freaking amazing by the way) and I wore the UofU sweatshirt. Well, my uncle works up there and let me tell ya... he's a die-hard, devoted BYU football fan. I did wear the sweater just to see what he would say. He did say something. He told me that I was disowned, and that I was NOT allowed to cheer them on. Well, then I told him that he would probably never speak to me again and that I had applied there. He actually congratulated me and said that it's a great school and he's proud of me (but also added that I'm still not allowed to cheer on their football team... so ridiculously funny).

Anyways, there are so many other things that fall under this subject, but let's just say that life's throwing a fast ball, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it, but at the same time, I'm so ready, it's not even funny! I'm embracing ever second of my senior year though. This is the time for me to do anything and everything. (Which I am... :))

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today was just an all around brilliant day...

Today was my first day in chamber... and let me tell you... it was WEIRD. Normally Carly and I split ways after seminary, but today we got to walk to class together!!! I was warmly welcomed into the class by all the kids and Durtschi. It was magnificent. They're singing this mile-long song called "Carmina Burana" that they've been practicing since the beginning of the year. Yeah... I'm totally lost. It's not even funny. I've had the music for about a month and a half now, but haven't bothered to sit down and actually try to learn the latin... or the notes... in fact, I bought a version of it that the London Symphony did, and it's INCREDIBLE, but a little far-fetched for me right now. I'm sure that if I really work towards it and spend countless hours on it (that I don't have) then I would be able to do it. Hm... Christmas Break project maybe? We'll see. They're performing it this weekend, and there is no way in the dark underworld that Hades rules over, that I will learn it by then, but they're performing it again sometime after the new year. I'll most likely make an effort before then. Promise. :)

Anyways, it was weird being in a small, mixed choir. It's definitely going to take some getting used to. We also started some Christmas music, and it was magical. Seriously, I can't wait for it. Christmas chorals are my favorite to sing.

Speaking of Christmas, it's getting cold. I hate that it snowed today. It should at least wait till Thanksgiving. (Haha, just a little side note there.)

So here are a few things that I noticed and little things that happened in chamber today:

  • I'm singing alto 1. I haven't sung alto 1 since junior high. This should be interesting... I mean, you would think that alto is alto, but when you're used to singing the lowest among the women, you definitely get used to it. I don't know, I guess it's just a choir thing. But it'll be a learning experience from here on out.
  • Hayden Knudsen? Yeah, he can SING. Holy tamoles. That kid can totally rip it out.
  • My sight singing has gotten a lot better since I started practicing with hymns at church. Never thought it was that big of a deal, but it's awesome.
  • There are three Michael's in chamber. SOOO weird. Mike Alder, Mike Thurman, and Mike... uh... HA I can't remember the other one's last name. He'll probably never read this, so I don't really have to worry about offending anyone.
  • Quote of the Day by the one and only Steve Durtschi:
    • "The stage can do two things for you; it will either shove you under a bus, or it will glorify you."
Haha, so epic. Today was just an all around brilliant day, from the perfect seminary lesson (about eternal marriage, which I always love), getting to sing again with people that I adore, and making the coolest potato head dude in photo today, as well as looking and feeling awesome today. It was sweet. The Book of Mormon I can definitely thank for an amazing life. Whenever I'm really good about studying it, I tend to be more calm and at ease with my crazy hectic life. That's NOT a coincidence, and I know it. Anyways, have a wonderful night. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Been Feeling Crafty

I was feeling crafty tonight.
I'm pretty freaking proud of myself.

Just so you know :)

Just in case you aren't aware of what's going on, this is a picture frame with some cute scrapbook paper in it. Then you just take some dry-erase markers and have at it. I decided to make it a to-do list! Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Displaying Photos: Here's Some Ideas

I love it when I find new ways to display photos. It's creative, exciting and SOOO EASY! I absolutely love pinterest just for the spark of ideas. :)

I love pinterest. It sparks so many lovely and creative ideas :) I think I will be going and purchasing some clothes pins in bulk now, just so I have them for the future. :) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

does not play well with stupid people.

I hate it when people have nothing intelligent to say. I mean, I make my fair share of stupid, unintelligent, and sarcastic comments, but there's a time and a place for them. I seriously get mad at people that are just plain STUPID. I'm sorry if that's not okay with you, but in all seriousness, I'll tell you if you bug me, especially if you ask and if you want the answer to a question, I'll answer truthfully and honestly; maybe even a bit too blunt for your liking. But the upside is, if you want my opinion, you'll get it. Sometimes I come across as rude and ignorant, but that's not the case. Get to know me, and then you'll understand.

On the other hand... I need to get me one of these pins!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exploding Spider

The past couple of times that I've been at Alex's house (which is becoming few and far between because we never have time to hang out anymore...), we've found a spider. Guess who killed them? Nope, not Alex. Not the boy. It was me. The first time it was on the wall. Being brave, as soon as I spotted the spider crawling towards the ceiling, I immediately removed my shoe and smashed it with ease. Last night Alex and I were sitting on the couch. He spotted another spider, (on the hard wood floor) but this time it was scurrying across the ground. Here's some dialogue:

Alex: (pretty calmly) Hey, there's a spider on the floor. I'm surprised that it's in such an open place. Usually they hide in corners or something.

Sav: (After spotting the spider) Oh yeah, that is a pretty ugly looking spider. I smashed the spider last time. It's your turn.

Alex: Um... no thanks.

I rolled my eyes, got off the couch, grabbed my shoe that was next to the couch and went around it in hopes of sneaking up on said spider. I skillfully succeeded in approaching it without it moving. (I have many experiences in the art of smashing spiders. Been doing it my whole life cause my dad never would.) I slowly lifted up my purple shoe, aimed carefully and threw it down on the spider. My eyes widened and to my amazement, the spider EXPLODED. Or at least that was my initial thought. It didn't make sense because the spider wasn't even that big. It wasn't your ordinary house spider, but it wasn't pretty by any means. Gross black bits were everywhere. I then realized that what had "exploded" was the bottom of my shoe. Being worn quite often, to work and everywhere else, the bottom of my shoes have gathered many miscellaneous items within the crevices of its sole (mostly including sesame seeds that have gathered from working at a sandwich shop). After realizing that the spider's death wasn't as brutal as I thought, I took my shoe, put it back next to the couch and sat down.

Then I made Alex clean it up.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tagging in a Blog? Okay.

So this whole tagging thing is going around. Okay, I'll play. But I'm determined to give you 7 random facts that you may not particularly know, or aren't the usual facts that are shared on things like this. My goal is to hopefully share with you information that may entertain you.

  1. I had braces on for two years, one month and two days and I can honestly say that I seriously cannot really remember ever having them. Even after three oral surgeries. (Those I remember though... haha.) 
  2. Alex and I are starting to say the same things at the same time. We've even started making the same facial expressions when Mo says something silly at work. It's freaking hilarious. Especially since it's just starting and we've been good friends for about 3 years now. I can't help but laugh.
  3. I love back rubs. They're wonderful. Especially when they last for half an hour. (I have some really big knots in my back... just in case you needed to know)
  4. I own a dagger. And I bought another one and it's on its way to my house via snail mail. Don't worry, it's only a fascination so far. It isn't an obsession.... yet...
  5. I have a pen pal. But do I write her? Hardly never because I'm so terrible. This next letter is going to be terribly long. I can feel it.
  6. I don't mind cleaning and organizing things. I just have to be in the mood to do it. I find it productive and stress-relieving.
  7. Star Trek is my all-time favorite movie and it has been since I first saw it in theaters in May of 2009. Genius piece of work; from the actors to the script to the plot. Brilliance.
Done and done.
I tag... Marissa, Lauren and Chelsea (random, I know, but it works...)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just in case you didn't know...

I LOVE photography.
I love photographing people:

  • Families

  • Couples e.g. engagements, married people, friends (even though I haven't had the opportunity yet, I'm sure I will)
  • Seniors (or any individual for that matter)

  • Children (harder, yet doable)
  • Brides

  • Dance Groups (date dances, dancing groups, singing groups, groups, I love working with a large amount of people)

To be perfectly honest, it's just flat out the best time of my life.
I've even started considering University of Utah.
If I read correctly (and I'm not being fed false information),
then they offer a Masters Degree in Photography.
Which is EXACTLY what I want.
Now don't start hating me if you're a die-hard BYU fan.
The Y is in my options too.
Just need to do a bit more researching.
It's only a matter of time when I'll have to finally decide where I'm going to go to school for the next 4-6 years. No big deal or anything.

I love what I do and I love capturing moments,
It's kind of like capturing life as you know it and then watching yourself change by comparing yourself to that moment.
I don't know about you, but either way, it fascinates me.
Anyways, if you need your pictures taken, let's have a photo shoot. :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Split Personality

HAHA, I had too much fun in photo today. We were supposed to take our photo and make split personalities. Here's the original picture:

This one was cropped, changed the hue and the saturation, added some smudge along with some different colors in the background. It was rather exciting. :)

And then don't forget the tidbits of deformation :)

And there you go, there's some demonizing for ya :)We are going to be sharing these pictures on Halloween. I'm rather excited actually. Can we just say, AWESOME? I think yes! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy: Any Ideas?

Sometimes, this is how I feel (refer to picture below). 

Photo taken by: Cecile Thomas
And to be perfectly honest, it's not ideal. Have you ever felt like ripping your hair out, screaming at the world and telling them to just get the heck away from you and you might not say it so nicely. Sometimes I feel like that, so I find ways to cope with it (obviously) and be happy no matter what. I've learned (or shall I say relearned) that you are the only one that make yourself happy. Not God, not your friends, not anything or anyone but yourself. So the key, I've decided, is to make time in your crazy high school life to do things that you enjoy doing. It's a lot easier than you might think. First do a self-assessment: Are you comfortable with your life right now? Are you currently trying to work through a trial or problem with either yourself or a friend, or even an acquaintance that you may not be too fond of?
Well, to be perfectly honest there are only certain things that you can do to help yourself sometimes. And one of my calm yourself and just chill out tactics is editing photos. Being creative somehow stimulates my mind into feeling better. Sometimes I need ideas to get my thought process going though. So any ideas to add to my going insane picture? I'll be doing stuff with it in my photo class (which is totally ridiculous by the way) but I wanted to know if anyone had any clever ideas to do with this. I've got a few, but who knows what I'll come up with. Especially since I am able to let my train of thoughts wander else where. What's your I refuse to go insane tactic? How do you keep from going crazy from all the stress of every day life?

Please. Enlighten me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One of God's Many Gifts to the World

Yesterday I did a service project by helping out at Aspen Elementary for their fall carnival and by the end of the event, as I was walking to meet my grandpa for him to take me home, I noticed the sunset.

It was beautiful, as always, and I just was walking along and suddenly I realized that the sunset is different EVERY single time. I think that's why people never get tired of it. Isn't that just an incredible thought? To think that God could honestly just say, "Oh hey, I like these colors along with the sunset, so we'll have this be the same every day all over the world." But no, he took the time to create a sunset for every blue sky, sun shiny day. God is emmaculate and wonderful. Thank goodness for His colors painting the sky just so we have something pretty to look at around dusk.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Music: Healer of the Mind, Heart and Soul

I know that we're all thinking the same thing. We all want life to be easier right? I know that sometimes I wish I could have an easier time with life, yet I always seem to be struggling with SOMETHING. The trials never seem to end. It's just like one after another. Know what I'm saying? Whether it's with family, friends, school, stress... Yourself... Life in general? Yeah, I know just how you're feeling.

Is it normal to go to school feeling anxious because you're afraid that you're going to take the initiative and volunteer for something else in which you do not have time to do?

Is it normal to want to help out with everything and then realize that you've made this choice, but how do you get out of it?

Well, there's no escaping it now. But I can tell you that there is a way to cope with it. Last night I was invited, by my good friend Elder Budge, to his ward to listen to him play a special musical number in sacrament meeting. I can even tell you how much it meant to me for him to invite me. Obviously he invited me cause he wanted to see me and needed the moral support. Regardless of his admitted shaking and nervous feelings, he did a fantastic job playing a fancied up arrangement of "Nearer My God to Thee". Seriously this was just the healing that I needed. I'm not exactly sure what it was about the musical number that spoke to me so evidently but it did, through the spirit, and I was extremely humbled by the fact that I was able to attend such a treat.

I was telling him that music speaks volumes more than any words ever could in some cases. In this case it was a healing of the mind, heart, and soul. I know that somehow he was inspired to ask me to attend his musical number and I know that all the small events leading up to the actual happening of it all, well, it all worked out for the best. Thank goodness.

So I attended two sacrament meetings today. Probably for the best reason. Cause I needed it. I wanted it. I crave the gospel. I'm addicted to it. That kind of gives it a stigma, but hey, that's okay. There's nothing better than having so much of a good thing in your life. Something that you can ALWAYS rely on and it's absolutely, 100% fool-proof.

I just wish that everyone in the world could feel the protection of the gospel the way that us Latter Day Saints do. It's a magical feeling and it's so wonderful to be so enlightened with joy and happiness when we do what we know is right.

Now as Elder Budge prepares to leave on his mission, I pray that he'll always keep music close to his heart and always refer to it if his faith ever grows dim. Music is powerful and can be used to empower the greatness that mankind has to offer. I just wish that everyone else was capable of appreciating the wonderful gift that our gracious Heavenly Father has given us. Often we take music for granted because it's all around us all day every day. I hope that I can learn and help others learn how to appreciate the fact that music is the root to our entertainment, sanity and existence. It's a gift, not to be abused.

Thanks to music, life is good. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lonely Lonerdom

I don't normally worry a lot.

I don't worry about what I wear to school
or what my hair looks like in the morning when it doesn't want to agree with me.

I don't worry about what the little sophomores in my health class think about me when I tell them they're stupidity is showing and that they shouldn't be allowed to talk.

I don't worry when it comes to procrastination because in all honesty, I really am getting better with it.

I don't worry when I have a humanities test and I end up studying at lunch right before I take the test. (I totally nailed that test. I can feel it.)

I don't worry when I get in a fight with any of my girl friends cause I know that we'll be hugging and making up soon enough (especially referring to Carly, Abby and Kallie).

I don't worry too much when I make a mistake and worry about what God will think of me, because I know that as long as I learn from my mistake that I'll be okay.

I don't worry too much when I get tired, cause I'm a busy person.

But when I start becoming exhausted only a month into school, my body aches all over, I start becoming spastic, weird, moody and dramatic. (That last one's my least favorite symptom.) I freak over the stupid things and then once I realize that I'm being melodramatic, I freak out even more. It's a sad circle. I get lost in my own little world and everything starts closing in. I feel as though everyone is mad at me for stupid reasons and that causes me to feel resentment towards them.

This is when I get really worried.
I apologize to anyone that gets the bitter end of the stick.
I just really need your help.
If you really understand, you'll still love me even when I'm mean and rude.
You'll still love me when I bite your head off for something stupid (like poking me... or touching me).
You'll understand that as of lately, I really don't like being touched. It's a new thing that I can't really explain.

I'm slowly weening towards lonerdom.
But I absolutely and completely REFUSE to quit all my social activities.
I'm afraid of falling into depression and becoming even more stressed and losing all control over my feelings. I will not let this happen to me. I simply refuse and there's no doubting it.

I have decided on the positive outlooks of becoming a loner though.
I can begin depending on myself,
because even though some people get the idea
that I'm independent and strong,
I depend a lot on other people for my happiness.

Another thing that I'm worried about is that I'm starting to clash personalities with my best friend. I can feel it.
Even though we haven't actually verbally talked about it,
I can feel it. And I can feel it deep.
I just hope this change doesn't affect our close relationship.

I'm changing and I'm changing fast.
And I'm not quite sure I like it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Impossible

In the past week or so, I've done exactly what I told myself I'm not going to do this year. Ha, I might be considering myself an idiot if not other things. I may or may not have started piling on the responsibilities that I don't necessarily have time for. I mean, I still need somewhat of some down time with friends and whatnot, but we'll see how that goes. And work none the less.

Well, not only am I joining Chamber (which is going to be so completely amazing and wonderful) but it's going to take up a lot of time. But hopefully a lot of the stuff that I have to do will be mostly done in class. Hopefully. Then in Tech yesterday, we were told that we had to volunteer to help with something with the production. I volunteered to be Assistant Stage Manager. I'm just really hoping that I don't end up being the actual Stage Manager, because after last year, I KNOW that I just simply do not have the time. Let's hope that I'll be able to work things out with my work schedule and the actual Stage Manager (Rachael) and work everything out. I realized that there's no time like the present to teach myself time management. No more wasting time and no more time to procrastinate. I just simply will not be able to do it. I need to make sure that I'm still doing a senior portrait session. Hm... quick text message in class? Quite possibly. I also forgot to see what time the light is just right. HA, I forgot. It's rather important especially since it's been getting darker earlier. Hm, I guess we'll just have to see what happens. Hopefully I'll be able to get out of auditions early and be able to go and hopefully everything will work out. Can't wait. :)

This year I am going to do the impossible. How? I'm not quite sure yet, but I've figured out that it'll be extremely good to just start out with living day to day instead of worrying too much about everything else. Oh how life just carries me away.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back Where I Belong

I am soooo SO ecstatic to announce that I'm transferring back into choir!!! GAH! Super pumped. When I found out that I was taking Business Management (which class I am in right now) for no apparent reason besides the CTE credit, it became absolutely useless to me. I mean, Bus-Mgmt is useful in life, but not when you take it at Timp High. I don't know, that's just my opinion. I haven't learned anything new yet and it's already 3 weeks into the term. Ree-dick-you-luuuus.Anyways, it just so happens that my photo classes that I'm taking this year count as the SAME EXACT CREDIT! Yeah, I just found this out last week and it made me really excited. Yesterday I got permission to switch into Chamber at the end of the term! I don't have to wait until the semester change (thank goodness). I saw the dresses today that we get to have and DUDE. They are actually really awesome and so pretty. And they're not sparkly. (Thank goodness.) Hopefully I look good in it. Here's to hoping. I knew something was missing in my senior year and I knew exactly what it was all along. The fact that I wasn't in choir this year at all made me feel incomplete and now I'm really excited. I feel as though I'm back where I belong. It's a beautiful feeling.

So you know that wonderful photo class that I've been in? Yeah, haven't really learned anything in that class, but I've learned more than Business Management... We turned in a photo shoot already, so here they are! Well, my favorites anyways :)

I will now have the PERFECT B-day after this first term is over.
My classes will go as follows:

Stage Craft (tech)
Lunch (always acceptable :))
Digital Photo

You should be jealous!

UP SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE: Ha, just wait until I tell you about the paper that I wrote for Bus-Mgmt. Ha, it's complete garbage. Can't wait to tell you about it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Do you need a reality check?

I have this philosophy about life. In fact, I have a lot, and Maddi and Nikki think that I have too many, but this one, this one is important and essential to my life-long sanity.

Many people notice (or don't) that I wear my hair "up" a lot. In fact, more often than not. I'll just twist my bangs back and then tie my hair back into a bun. Easy, comfortable and doesn't look too bad. Well, let's be honest, sometimes I don't feel "pretty" or "beautiful" but I don't have to be either of those to be confident in myself. I don't think that I'm ugly by any means, but it's all apart of how I trust people. Every once in a while I will straighten my hair for school, but that's for me. Not anyone else. That's for me to look at myself in the mirror and say, "I look good today and no one can tell me otherwise".

Don't get the wrong idea, I can tie my hair back and say, "I look good today and no one can tell me otherwise" too, but when I take the time to get ready, I feel that much better about myself. Granted, I'll probably have my hair up by the end of the day cause it starts to bother me when it gets in my face and I'm trying to do something, but I made an effort so shouldn't that count for something? Same thing goes with putting on "stylish" clothes. I'm totally comfortable in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, or even a t-shirt and a pair of SWEATS (for crying out loud!). I've even been told by a guy that he respects the fact that I wear sweats to school occassionally and he likes that about girls. (Totally made my day, by the way.)

Dress and appearance is important to me, but to be perfectly honest, I want people to see me for who I really am and I think it's easier for one to look past the looks and the clothes and the hairstyles and look at someone's personality rather than their body. We should be dressing nicely and getting ready and taking care of ourselves for OURSELVES, not for anyone else.

Fact: I will get ready to hang out with one of my best friends, because I know and have heard him say that he doesn't care what I look like. He appreciates me for me. He will tell me that he appreciates it when I get ready for a date or ready to just hang out with him. And that's exactly why I do it. Do you get the point yet?

If your "friends" judge you by the way you look and talk and think, honey, I'm sorry, but you need new friends.

Or if you judge your friends by the way they look and talk and think, honey, I'm sorry, but you need a reality check. You are not a friend.

Definition of "friend", (yep, I looked it up in the dictionary): a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard

This is the "not a friend" definition, (I didn't need to look this one up in the dictionary...): a person attached to another by clothes, what they look like and how much money they have

Everyone single person in this world should be able to walk out of their house wearing slippers, a pair of sweats, and a baggy t-shirt with their hair pulled back or uncombed and not care what the rest of the world thinks. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

All This Talk About Weddings...

Last night I went to TWO (yes 2) wedding receptions. We were there before one of them started. I wanted to see the bride (even though she wasn't all ready yet) and I also wanted to see her Bridals (which I took!!!) she had a couple that were humongous and I was so proud of myself! The pictures turned out so neat! They had some spread out all over the table and it was just awesome. I took my camera into the church but I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture of the display until I got back out to the car. Haha, I'm a dork. I know.

One thing though, I was talking to Alex about this the other day and he brought it up and he said that there should be pictures of the groom as well as the bride at the reception! I was like, "Yup. I whole-heartedly agree with that statement." Besides, it's the grooms day too, not just the bride's. The groom is just as much a part of the wedding anyways. (He's like... half of it!) So at my wedding there will be just as many pictures of the groom as there will the bride (Hey! That's me :)) Anyways, I'd better be going. All this talk of weddings makes me a little anxious sometimes. Haha :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Revived Happiness

Jamba Juice: $5 (and some change)

Glasses from Savers: $1.99
(She didn't really buy these...)
(I really did buy these :) )
A trip to Wal-Mart: $25

Going to the park and playing lava monster in the dark: PRICELESS

This is Mason's scariest lava monster face :)