Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So lately I've been in one of those MAJOR cleaning mojo's. [also considered my "spring cleaning" although it snowed like 6 inches today...] It's been absolutely great and I'm hoping that it'll all turn out for the better and maybe I'll be able to keep this new feeling of neat-freakish....ness... This break has been absolutely crazy and today was the first day in the whole break that I haven't been super busy at all. Alright, yesterday, for the first time in pretty much a really long time, I had the chance to be IN FRONT of the camera rather than behind it [really, it's more weird than you might think]. I went with Katie and it was an a really fun time. It was rather cold, but it was fantastic! She put a sneak peak on her blog [] and I instantly became absolutely euphoric [my word of the day] over it. It's absolutely amazing. Katie is my photographing idol. I'm also excited to see if we'll be able to become better friends through the whole photography thing. Well, if not that then anything else :)

Then we went straight to Nate's birthday party [which was a blast by the way]. We watched GI Joe [pending as my new favorite movie] and then Maddi came and helped me clean and organize until 2 o'clock this morning before we crashed and then slept in till about... oh noon... haha, it's been a while since I've been able to do that.

Well, I'd better go get the rest of my area cleaned up and organized and get some laundry going so I can actually start thinking about getting started on that book report... haha. Adios amigos!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall 2009

Well, just realizing that I haven't written anything updated anything lately made me quite sad. Life has been great lately since I've found a new love for the spirit. They're definitely right, fake it till you make it. Before I was annoyed with people, and honestly, pretending to be okay and unannoyed by them made it that way for me. It's been great, really. I will admit that I've had a few extremely emotional moments, but hey, don't we all? Anyways, I just feel that the Lord has blessed me sincerely in my life with great friends, an amazing family and an awesome school. I know that I haven't been very happy with high school yet, but let me tell you... it's just getting better all the while because I'm doing something about it.

Halloween was pretty much awesome. (Pictures will be posted later) Not only was it a great day of work, it was also a great day of fun and laughter. After work, I decided that I didn't want to dress up for Lisa's party, so I just dressed up all nice and wore Dad's funny old glasses. We watched "Wait Until Dark" with Audrey Hepburn. Not the most entertaining movie I've ever seen but I don't think that I've ever sat through a whole movie that was made in the 60s... Haha, anyways...

The weekend before Halloween, I got to spend the weekend at Carly's house for 4 nights while my parents went down to Porterville, California for the cross-country banquet. What an adventure that was. Sadly enough, we were so busy that we didn't really take any pictures. I actually did end up with a picture of Alex (a kind of blurry one) and a picture of our cookie dough that we made, on the pan with Carly's hand over it (also another blurry one). Ah, well, the memories will always be in my heart.

SO lately I've been working on Personal Progress and have been blessed to know that they DO have those experiences in there for us to learn from. I know that setting the goal of being nicer to people and boosting their self-confidence has boosted mine immensely. It's a great thing to be nice to other people and actually care about what's going on in their lives and caring about how they're doing. It really boosted my spirits when I was told that some of my good friends had been sharing the difference in my attitude to their young women group and how it affected the people around me. Being a bit down yesterday when I heard this, it immediately made me feel up again and I felt like I knew there was a reason that I was supposed to be doing this.

The holidays are coming up and I just absolutely canNOT wait!!! This year should be great. I'll be going to Vegas with my parents on the first weekend of December and then I'm absolutely ecstatic to go back to Phoenix again in January. It should be simply great! Haha, anyways, let's see... what else has been going on in life?

Well, it's Tuesday and it's a pretty good one at that. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! :]

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween is only beginning...

It's the second day of Fall Break and nothing like hanging out at grandma's house and helping her hang up some Halloween decorations. Considering, this hasn't been the first real beginning. Yesterday I had the chance to go over to Carly's and hang out with her and Craig. We watched a 4 and a half rendition of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and let me tell ya... we were anxious to get out of the house. We walked over to Geneva Park but soon found that we couldn't really entertain ourselves very well. We then marched on over to Craig's house and made cookies!! What an adventure that was...

We then found ourselves playing GuitarHero... You'll have to look on Facebook for the videos... hahahaha... We then decided to get the costume boxes out. I think the pictures can explain themselves...

Another thing that I forgot to add earlier this week was that on Saturday Mom and Cevan made it to Hale Center Theater's "Highway to Hale" race. They ran the 5k; not sure of the times but they both finished and so did Shawnie and Nena :) Oh yeah... did I forget to mention that costumes were welcome?

Also today grandma and I have been decorating up the house for the festivities of Halloween. Let's just say I can't wait to have my own house to decorate! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


So as you can probably see from the topic of the post, I did end up making a decision. I decided to go to the carnival and the game, and I don't regret it whatsoever. :] It all started off with an awesome hour long lunch and then finishing off the school day in B4 Drama with a good chunk of the gang. Afterwards I went home and got ready for the evening. It was, not even joking, the best night I've had in a REALLY long time! It was great to see Alex there. Right at the beginning, as Shae Hunsaker [our student body president] starting singing the National Anthem before kick-off, Izak conveniently pointed out our favorite friend from Mountain View walking along the track. We suddenly got excited. I couldn't help but run as soon as the song was over. I ran down the bleachers and almost knocked him over I was so excited to see him. Hahaha, it was good to see his smiling face. The only difference was that he's probably grown a few inches since I last really saw him in May and his hair is also a lighter brown now and not to mention the slight scruff that he has on his chin. ;] It was so much fun catching up with him. So awesome! We didn't pay much attention to the game, even though we lost miserably to our fellow Mountain View. [7-17] Thankfully though, we had a great time and no body was in a bad mood at all that night which made it great for everybody. It was really hard to leave because no body wanted to separate, but we had to go eventually. The only thing that could've made the night better was if it didn't have to end. That night will definitely be in my memory forever.

Not to be cocky or anything, but Timp is SOOO much cooler than MV when it comes to kindness. Geez... some of us went over to the MV side where they were sitting and went to find people that we knew. Annoyingly we ended up leaving after a few minutes because we felt like we were going to get jumped or something! It was terrible! But we gladly welcomed all of our MV people over to the Timp side. [Not to mention Alex sat with us the whole time!] Sadly he wouldn't let us paint his face blue, but I guess I can see where he's coming from.

Saturday, Kallie and I went over to Cevan's house and we went shopping with Shawnie, Nena and Taylor at the mall. That was a pretty fun time. We then went over to the house to hang out and were there for a good chunk of the day. I guess you could call that our Homecoming party cause we had a pretty good time! Thanks for a great weekend everybody! :]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming or Mesquite?

I've currently run into a problem. I have to decide whether to go to the Homecoming Game against our rival, Mountain View or go to Mesquite with my mom, sister and the rest of the entended family. If I stay home I get to stay home with Dad for the weekend, which could be super fun. I wouldn't have to work because Mom has already scheduled me off of work to go to Mesquite, but then the realization of them both landing at the same time has left me with the choice to choose. Geez... I hate being like this because if I go to one, I'll wish I was at the other. It happens every time. The few times I wish I could be in two places at once.

This week being Homecoming week consists of many things which would be hard to miss. Friday is when all the fun starts. If I choose to go to Mesquite, I would get checked out from school at about noon tomorrow which is right before lunch and right before the end of 3rd period in Seminary. If I chose to stay, I would get to attend the extended lunch period [a gift from Mr. Murphy for homecoming] and lunch would be almost an hour and then we would all go to 4th period [drama]. After that I would probably go home with Carly and hang out or go home and deck out for the carnival and game. Another thing that's urging me to stay in town is that it IS against Mountain View High therefore most of our buddies from junior high would be there also. Alex would be planning on coming and that would totally make my day to see him and other peeps if they decide to show up. :] The upside to Mesquite would just to spend time with my mom and sister and the rest of the fam and catch up. I hate letting people down and I seriously hate missing things. So what should I choose?

Other events in life are as follows: This week I found out that I got a B on my PreCalc test! Woo! Go me! Yesterday I tried out for a spur of the moment solo for "Stormy Weather" in choir and maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't. Haha, I guess we'll see. Hopefully having it stuck in my head for the past 27 hours will come in handy. At least it's not tooooo terribly annoying. A couple of days ago, Julia [Nik's sister] emailed me about his birthday a month ago and decided that she wanted to have a surprise party for Nik's "Sweet 16" but she could only do it this weekend and that wouldn't work out too well because of Homecoming plans and whatnot. Even though we love Nik, no body wanted to give up the carnival and the biggest game of the year against MV to surprise Nik for his birthday which was a month ago.

Super and not super! Haha

Talk about insertive!

Anyways, I hope everything works out alright and the people that I'm not so happy with can make peace.... Grrr... I still don't know what their deal is though... it pisses me off. Anyways, otherwise life is good and life should be good for you too :]

I just wish I didn't have to decide... hmmm...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ride-4-Life 2009

I am proud to present the total amount of money that the Utah ATV Association has raised this year on it's 25th annual Ride-for-Life event. This event has been supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Utah for 5 years now. This year we have brought in a grand total of $30,089.45 and due to the economy we weren't even expecting half of that much money to be brought in. Here's a link to show you a brief explanation of what we do and where we go to have such a great time.
If you would like to know more about the Make-a-Wish Foundation you can visit their site at:

Thanks for all the wonderful support and we're hoping to do just as well next year. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lehi Football Game/Performing Arts Carwash

Well, I'd just like to start by saying that this weekend has been a pretty great one! Last night I had the chance to go over to Carly's house and we went to the football game. We went against Lehi AND we won! Even though Lehi totally sucks, we still won. Haha, so yeah. That was a good time even though the game felt like it went on FOREVER! And I was also running on 4 hours of sleep so everybody was asking me if I was alright. But I was fine. Just tired. And I don't remember the score, so sorry about that, but we won by quite a bit :)
This morning we had our Performing Arts Car Wash. It was SOOO much fun! Abby, Lisa, Carly, Craig and Connor [just to name a few] were all there and it was just a freaking BLAST! I don't think I've been washed so much in my entire life... Afterwards, Carly, Craig and I went Craig's house and ate junk food, played video games and just hung out. It was a great day! Hopefully we'll be able to do it again soon!!!
This will definitely be a day to remember. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer 2009

    I've only been a victim of high school for about 3 weeks now. The homework's piling on and yet, grades are looking better than ever! [Which makes me extremely excited!] I've officially decided that math is my least favorite subject. Well, there's a football game tomorrow against Lehi. Still not sure what color we're gonna have to wear... haha, but I guess we'll find out sooner or later. Hopefully we won't get smothered like we did at the football games for the past 2 weeks. Even though we lost, we still had a great time learning the fight song and cheering till we didn't have a voice at the game vs. PG two weeks ago.
   This summer was definitely chaos! Such an amazing break from last year's mentality and total let down of a C+ in Biology and not being able to go to Spain :( But otherwise it was a pretty great summer! The first week after school let out, girls' camp was in! What a great time that was! [NOT!] I mean, I love girls' camp, don't get me wrong here, but having allergies for the first time in your life and not exactly knowing what to expect sucks! I ended up getting sick and actually receiving my first priesthood blessing while up at camp which was pretty amazing because I went to sleep right after I had received it. What an awesome experience! We won't even ruin the moment with the wait for the bus and the bus ride home. *gags*
   So anyways, the week after girls' camp was when I got my own CAR! Well, at least they were the price of a car. On June 16, [four days before my 15th birthday], I received a car in my mouth. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I got braces. I was extremely excited yet completely NERVOUS to what all of my friends would say, but also knowing that I wouldn't have fangs anymore! And just to make this official announcement, I pulled out my last baby tooth about a week ago! [It's about freaking time!] Anyways, so the morning that I got the braces I went directly to the first week of Summer Seminary at the high school. We picked up Izak to go with me and I think I hit him a couple of times for staring at my mouth. Heehee....
   I spent the rest of my first day with braces with one of my buddies, Nik, as we walked all the way over to the University Mall. What a walk that was! This really isn't usual for me, but I wore yellow, skinny jeans to distract him from my mouth. It didn't work as well as I was hoping but I think talking and keeping my mouth moving helped a ton with the soreness! The next day I took Kallie and Izak out to lunch at the all famous Sensuous Sandwich where I proudly work. Instead of an extremely delicious sandwich, I was stuck with the disgusting Jamba Juice that I got just because I had a gift card for it. But I guess that went over a lot better than the Reeses in my ColdStone ice cream that I had tried to eat the day before at the mall with Nik. BAD idea. The ice cream melted before I could get too much of it eaten. Sad day.
   Well, that following Saturday was my birthday. The minute I turned 15, I wished I were 16. There really wasn't much to do. Wasn't the BEST party I've ever thrown, but it was still a good time!
   The following week my parents and I went to Seattle, WA for a little vacation. And you're probably wondering how we got there... well, we drove. Not the best time of my life, but I will admit it wasn't the worst. I think a road trip is the only time that your parents will never complain about you sleeping! Ah, it's great to be a teenager. Well, the ambition was to get there and for them to run the inaugural Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon! (In 2008, they ran the whole series going as far east as Virginia Beach and Philly. I got to go to San Diego with them in June of 2008 which counted as our family vacation for that year and then went to Phoenix with them in January of 2009 which was also an extremely good time.) Being able to volunteer was one of the highlights of my week. I ended up being stuck doing the gear bag returns... what a nightmare that was! And of course I took that opportunity to break in my new purple converse'. I haven't seen them white since I bought them in the store a few days before. Almond and Gary finished a few hours before them doing the full 26.2 miles in less than 4 hours [way to go!]
   As soon as we got home from Seattle it was almost July! The insanity! Well, it just so happened that my parents had signed up to do a fireworks tent down at Allen's grocery store, so I basically lived there for a week. It was all I could do to beg my parents to take me home so I could take a freaking shower! There was NO air-conditioning in our camper and I didn't even have my pillow the first night, which really pissed me off! [I love my pillow...] Well, I ended up convincing my parents to let me get a few friends over there to help out with the tent. We were "security". Haha, not really sure if you could even call us that. Kaden and Kallie came over and we played cards the whole time! And in trade for all their time and "hard work", Dad gave them his and Mom's Stadium of Fire tickets. Watching the Jonas Brothers and seeing them supposedly burn the 250ft American flag was pretty cool. It was also really awesome to see Kaden's reactions since this was his first time to the stadium for the event.
   The rest of July was pretty dull. Nothing really happened. I worked a bit here and there wherever Mom needed me and stuffs. Also on the 25th I was happy to be at the Manti Temple all day with Cevan, Susi and their family. Even though I got irritated really fast when I wasn't able to go to the family BBQ that night, it was all fun when I got to take some awesome pictures of them all dressed in white. [Even though the opportunities were slim.] I was so happy for them! And it was a great time to see all the extended family that live all over the place!
    August came around and the anxiety for school to start was getting pretty high. I had a pretty hard time going back to the Junior High to help Kingman out about a week before school started and also realizing that it wouldn't be my school anymore. Honestly, after being in high school now for the few weeks that I have, the only thing I miss now are my friends who went to Mountain View. The only people that I ever really think about are Alex, Sashi, Ashlee and Joslyn. But I guess we'll have to wait and see how often I get to see them. Gosh, summer was horrible without them. Well, the Saturday before school started there was a multi-stake dance where we got to go and well.... dance! Alex was sick so I only got to see him for about 5 minutes in the total hour that he was there. Also, I had to squeeze a few hugs out of him because he refused to dance with me because he was afraid to get me sick. Psh! I ain't afraida no germs!!! Well, Mushu was also there :) It was so good to see his happy, smiling face again! He always brightens my day whenever I see him.
   That was pretty much the end of the summer. School started and it's like it never began, but it's never ending either. Summer was all one fantastic blur.