Saturday, September 25, 2010

BYU Football Game

Let's be honest... I've had my fair share of football this weekend. I do understand it a bit more now that I actually care to watch it and have been watching it more often with the football games at the high school and going with Dad to the BYU football games. I mean, as much as I love BYU, the game wasn't so hot... haha, you know it's bad when half of the stands are empty by the end of the 3rd quarter... you know what I'm saying? Haha, but in the last 3 minutes it was freaking hilarious... and... well... to be perfectly honest... I was laughing at how stupid they were being!!! I really and honestly wish that I could just do that at the high school football games... but it's hard when they've built up your pride in them and then TEAR IT DOWN WITH STUPID MOVES AND BECOMING TOO FULL OF THEMSELVES AND LOSING TO THE SCHOOLS WITH SOME OF THE WORST FOOTBALL REPUTATIONS EVER!!!!! Again, I love our guys, and not every single one of them are like that. I respect the ones that actually try, not the ones that think they're too good to try... wow... I can't believe I just went off on that again... I sincerely apologize. Anyways, I had a great time at the BYU game. It was really a blast. The guys said that I came across as bored... but trust me, I wasn't!!! I was concentrating! It was good. And I may just need to google the fundamentals of football because as many times as it's tried to be explained to me... it just hasn't worked out so well... haha. Alright, well, yeah. Anyways, tonight was a blast. I really do love watching football and all of it's magicalness. Have a good night everyone! :)

Timp vs. MV Football Game

So we had another football game... against MVHS... they were 0-5... until last night... they're now 1-5... and Timp... yeah, we're 4-2. So ummm.... when are they going to stop letting the other team win? This had better not keep going on or I will PERSONALLY ask the coach if I can give the team a pep talk. I'll do it, you all know I will and I'll make it good and I'll stick it in their heads that they have what it takes to win to anybody, and I completely believe that... unless they're being stupid and arrogant. Pull your heads out of the clouds boys and come back to reality.

NOTE TO VIEWERS: It really does take that much fun out of football games if we lose... especially to MVHS... now I'm not upset because we lost... it happens. I'm upset because the team gave up. You could see it! I mean, just the way they were walking on the field, the way that you could see their positive attitudes decreasing (last week's game didn't help...) and the fact that their playing SUCKED (to put it so bluntly...) Don't get me wrong... I love the guys and the potential that they hold, but really... just... grrr... okay, I'm done... anyways, let me move on from this rampaging of my feelings on the football game...

We did have some good fun at the football game. It was more towards the beginning though... just to clear that up a bit... ha... 
 And the paint on the napkin made a butterfly!!!

 And Kallie's a weirdo, as always... HAHA :D

We had many adventures... like flying!!! (You just need a magic cape like mine!!! :) )

And lots of fun and hilarious friends! So fantastic ya know?

The football players and the cheerleaders; good stuff.

 So priceless!!!

 Measuring up Alex and Austing... we agreed that they were the same height. So apprently they've had this thing going for like... ever... longer than I've known both of them and how one is always taller than the other... but no... they are equal now!!!

 Ummm.... yeah... these are those StuCo freaks... yeah... They're crazy... (hahahaha, just kidding!!!! but you guys really are crazy maniacs at football games!)

 And after our terrible loss, we went to Maceys for some comfort food... it was nice.
ANd DEFINITELY helped cheer me up!!! Haha, especially with these guys!!! :D

Homecoming 2010 PART 2


Sorry about the hold-up... haha, I've been SUPER busy lately. It's been SUPER fun though and now I'm gonna stop saying SUPER cause it's getting SUPER annoying. I can just see the stupid grin on your face from that little spastic moment that I just had right there... anyways, here's part 2 of my fantastic first date dance weekend and all its awesomeness!

At first it was only the 6 of us... heehee, which was fun (Andrew, Kylie, Jared, Kallie, Izak and I) and the reason I'm not in the first picture is because I took it, so they took a picture of me from up above! And yes... my hair is green from the previous night... hahahaha, I was feeling lazy morning of.

We then decided that we needed to make a star with our feet. Sounds fun right? Yeah, that's what I thought too... except for the fact that my OCD kicks in and that our feet aren't the same width apart... but what can you do when you're crammed in a little space at the Discovery Park? (Oh yeah, that's where we are in these pictures, in case you were wondering!!!)

Yeah... well... you know how we are... and if you don't, don't feel too bad... haha ;)

Then we found this sign... ha, yeah... I'm glad we didn't get in trouble or anything. It's not like we were vandalizing it or anything right?

The rest of the group arrives! And Lisa does have her eyes shut in this picture, but it's still totally cute!!!

We're just being us... there's no further way to explain...

 And these are the marvelous girls,

and the magnificent boys! We had loads of fun!

 Totally cute aren't they???

Our men... and of course... Kaden isn't smiling... shocker isn't it?

Haha, typical Abby face. I love it <3

I'm so glad that Tiff was in our group. It was scrumdiddliumptious!

Ummm.... several of us attempted this twirly thinger... and let's be honest... it was freaking hilarious to watch... really. It was epic. Here's a video of Kaden doing it!!!

Okay, so here's just us... hanging out and having the time of our lives. I gotta tell you, September 18, 2010 will live in our memories forever!!!! :D

Oh... and in case you were wondering... we played Apples to Apples too. It was freaking hilarious and definitely tops any other time I've ever played this game... LOL, good flippin' times. Wouldn't you agree??? :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Homecoming 2010 PART 1


Wow... I don't even know where to begin with this subject... haha, there's just SO MUCH! It's absolutely fabulous. This last weekend was so incredible! I will never EVER forget it. Well, let me tell you the story in pictures shall we? With narration of course :)

When we got to the school for the carnival, we parked and Joe jumped onto the hood of the car. It was rather hilarious, therefore documenting it with said picture!

And this, as you can see, is Mr. Durtschi after getting smothered in pie. This is an image I will never let escape my head.

Craig, yet again, managed to get another goldfish. He only got one this year (last year he got two... heehee :) )

These are my two bestest gal-pals and they followed the white-out rule!!!

My awesome cape that I had lots and lots of people sign, it turned out incredible and is now tacked to my ceiling about my bed for me to dazzle over at night when I've got nothing better to do.

And Chris was there too. It was pretty sweet!

The cow wanted to sign my cape too, which made me really excited!!!

I enjoyed a nice frazil,

Izak got a new hair color,

Kaden rode on a horse,

I love my Kallie Wallie!

Kylie was the only one ready for this picture... haha

Murphy is always ready for a picture. He's rockin'!

Andrew of all people, won this purse... hahahaha!

And he had a pretty rockin' balloon hat.

And he had a bunny named Tim.

I attempted to fly in my cape... I need some assistance though... :)

Then the cheerleaders needed their picture taken!

Have I ever told you how much I love drummers? I think I have...

And as much as I hate to admit this... football players are growing on me too... maybe their is life and reality in those cocky brain of theirs.

The guys were so ready to storm the field!

And Andrew and Izak totally make my life worthwhile!

Yeah, this is pretty dang sexy if I do say so myself! :)

We won't really talk about the game... still really pissed off about it, and probably will be for a while.