Friday, November 26, 2010

Junior Year Bucket List

My dear friend Shaundra Barney has a Senior Year Bucket List. Totally loving the idea, I took it and am now adding it to my own blog. (But of course with my own twist.) Of course, some of the things are the same because... well... great minds think alike... duh! (Haha, totally kidding) but we do have some of the same ideas of things that we would like to accomplish this year. If you have any questions about things that I have, haven't, will, or possibly even won't succeed (we can't be TOO optimistic about everything here), please feel free to ask, whether you want to know how I did or am going to do it. I will explain to the best of my capabilities... hahaha, alright... So here it is. If there's something that you think I should accomplish this year, then please let me know and I may take it into consideration. I love new fresh ideas from lots of people and will be frequently adding things to my list (which will soon appear on the righthand side of the screen for everyone to see)! Please enjoy :) 

  • Go to every dance (Homecoming, Sadies, Bargain Ball, Preference, Prom and Morp - IN THAT ORDER!)
  • Ask a football player out on a date
  • Be elected Student Body President
  • Reach out of my comfort zone to make lots of friends and meet a lot of new people
  • Make Footloose a success, and become as reliable as I can be
  • Get an A in Calculus (come on... at least one term...)
  • Take summer school to get ahead and so I'm not miserable Senior year... haha
  • Go to every dance with someone different
  • Get Driver's License
  • Get A's and Honors credit in seminary all year
  • Pass Calculus AP test at the end of the year with a 4 or a 5
  • Actually TAKE the ACT
  • Finish the Book of Mormon
  • Finish Harry Potter Series (I'm on Book 6!!!)
  • Make Show and Chamber
  • Get braces off
  • Add a bunch more things to my bucket list!

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  1. savanna, i think you're pretty great :) and if i could vote for you for sb president, i would. :) good luck with your bucket list and let me know if i can do anything to help accomplish it :)