Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Post Just for Ally Salois :)

So basically this picture is from our last choir concert. Pretty awesome I must say... haha, yeah... man... that choir concert... singing and craziness, throwing up cheez-its... good times... goooooood times. And this post is requested, as well as dedicated to Ally cause she's just awesome like that :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow... FINALLY! *smiles*

Yes... it snowed Sunday morning. Brilliant? Yes. Waking up in grandpa's basement and looking out the french doors and two large glass windows to watch the earth covered in pure, untouched, white snow was extremely breath-taking. I love first snow fall of the year. Now... let's be honest... it can go away... haha! I wanna wear my chucks again... although boots have proven to be a great comfort on a tiring Monday. (And I was supposed to wait till Christmas to get them... hahahaha) Okay... yeah... so Maddi, Nikki and I all went sledding and played in the snow. Well, it was more they played around in the snow while I took pictures of them. Yeah, cause I'm like that. Haha, I hope you're enjoying the snow as well!!! (The first and the fourth are my favorite! :))

Friday, November 26, 2010

Junior Year Bucket List

My dear friend Shaundra Barney has a Senior Year Bucket List. Totally loving the idea, I took it and am now adding it to my own blog. (But of course with my own twist.) Of course, some of the things are the same because... well... great minds think alike... duh! (Haha, totally kidding) but we do have some of the same ideas of things that we would like to accomplish this year. If you have any questions about things that I have, haven't, will, or possibly even won't succeed (we can't be TOO optimistic about everything here), please feel free to ask, whether you want to know how I did or am going to do it. I will explain to the best of my capabilities... hahaha, alright... So here it is. If there's something that you think I should accomplish this year, then please let me know and I may take it into consideration. I love new fresh ideas from lots of people and will be frequently adding things to my list (which will soon appear on the righthand side of the screen for everyone to see)! Please enjoy :) 

  • Go to every dance (Homecoming, Sadies, Bargain Ball, Preference, Prom and Morp - IN THAT ORDER!)
  • Ask a football player out on a date
  • Be elected Student Body President
  • Reach out of my comfort zone to make lots of friends and meet a lot of new people
  • Make Footloose a success, and become as reliable as I can be
  • Get an A in Calculus (come on... at least one term...)
  • Take summer school to get ahead and so I'm not miserable Senior year... haha
  • Go to every dance with someone different
  • Get Driver's License
  • Get A's and Honors credit in seminary all year
  • Pass Calculus AP test at the end of the year with a 4 or a 5
  • Actually TAKE the ACT
  • Finish the Book of Mormon
  • Finish Harry Potter Series (I'm on Book 6!!!)
  • Make Show and Chamber
  • Get braces off
  • Add a bunch more things to my bucket list!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Framing It

So... boredom was deemed upon us this evening. So I grabbed my camera, we grabbed some sheets and material, an empty picture frame and started snapping photos. It was cold outside, so we didn't last long and didn't get many pictures anyways (let alone any good ones), so we dealt with what we had inside. We just messed around with some lights and such. They're not meant to be profesh. They're just fun and colorful and silly. Nothing that I would use to impress anyone... haha, but yeah, I hope you like them either way.

Old Pictures 1997

Thanksgiving Day Race

I'm not really sure what to call this post... so, for now it shall be called "nameless". Ironic isn't it? Yeah, I guess so. Well, here is Ciera and I at the Thanksgiving race. It was freaking COLD! Geez... the parentals got mad at me because I didn't take pictures of them at the finish line. Ha, like I was going to stand out there and wait for them! Yeah right! I mean, I love them, but not THAT much... Maybe I'll just add all the pictures I have from this race for this post... hmm... alright. I'm convinced. Less effort to make yet ANOTHER separate post just for the race when I can put it all together!

And here are the race pictures... well... some of them... :P

My Life as a Techie...

It's weird... I'm gonna be perfectly honest... I miss the stage too. But I have so much fun, and oddly, I don't mind living at the school for a month straight when rehearsals get longer and longer and we all get crankier and exhausted. Let me tell ya, I had fun with Footloose and can't wait for more fun this year. Seriously. It'll be awesome. These are pictures that we took on closing night and were just messing around before the show started. They don't even begin to explain the immense amount of fun that we have up there and watching the show 5 times, not including rehearsals, you tend to get the songs and scenes stuck in your head all the time. It happens. But I love it! I'm sad yet relieved and overjoyed that it's over. Great memories to look back on :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

I Miss My Big Kahuna

My Big Kahuna... yeah... that's ma camera... I miss him. He hasn't been used for a few weeks due to the chaotic mishap called my life... haha, really, I wanna do a photoshoot soon and have some planned for after Thanksgiving. It shall be awesome! I seriously cannot wait. It'll be great. So, I've decided to share a few favorites with you of some of the photos I've taken. Let me know what you think and please, please, please let me know if you wanna take pictures sometime. I'll add you to my list. (I've noticed that the more eager you are and when I have the free time to get the pictures done, they will get done. I think it may have more to do with talking to me at the right time... hahaha...) Anyways, ENJOY! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Taking Risks is Hard

This blog post (click it!!! click. it.), written by Amber Ostler, helped me out a ton. You're probably asking "what do you mean?" Well, if you do read it, it might make a bit more sense. It may even help you out. Last weekend I had the honor of going to our school's Sadie Hawkins Dance. What a blast! My best 3 girl friends and I planned and prepared and worked really hard and were super nervous about how it was going to turn out. Really... we were nervous. But everything worked out nicely and thank goodness, we're pretty sure that all of the boys had a good time, because us girls surely did. I took a risk in who I asked. Tanner Greer. It was so much fun. I had a great time, but I'm still not quite sure how he felt about it... haha, I mean, let's be honest, I asked him several times if he was having a good time. He said yes every time, but you can never be too sure!!! And you know what else? This was basically the hardest part for me, the fact that I felt like he was connecting with everyone in the group, EXCEPT for me... It was hilarious when him and Carly went off on an Eragon tangent during dinner for like 10 minutes. It was extremely funny.

Here are a few things that I observed while on my date with Tanner:

  • He walks really fast.... (he's 6'3"... he has a very long stride...)
  • He makes me look like I'm 4"0' (okay, not really... that's just what my dad said after I showed him all the pictures... haha)
  • He likes to tell stories (this also told me that he was feeling at least a bit more comfortable)
  • He was on a fantasy obsession in 5th grade. (even though I kind of already knew that... don't ask... haha)
  • He doesn't like tomatoes (at least not in his salad)
  • And even though he dressed as a devil for Halloween, he still loves Jesus <3 (inside joke, I guess... haha)

We haven't talked since Saturday night, which is kind of depressing and totally defeats the purpose of the night, but it created great memories for me. And if we were meant to become super incredible, attached to the hip friends, we would have. But no regrets to anything. I had a good time and it was great for me. 

Another thing... I also think that dances should be used (as well as dating in general) to get to know people better and make new friends and to just have a good time. I have no problem going on dates with my really good friends (and let's be honest, it's a lot more comfortable... :P), but it's almost like I lose an opportunity to make a new friend, which is why I chose to ask Tanner to Sadies. And also why Kallie asked Sean to Sadies. (We made a deal that if she asked Sean, I had to ask Tanner. People we wanted to get to know better ya know?) 

Taking chances is hard and it makes you vulnerable, but you have to put yourself out there or you don't learn anything. You have to take the best out of life and just say "Wow, I made a mistake... well, next time, I'll take into consideration this and this." As Mrs. Crampton says (my English teacher), "Thank God we're human and we make mistakes. I'm glad we're not perfect so that we can still learn from our poor choices" (or something along those lines... she always says this in class and it makes me happy).

Would you consider yourself a risky person? What do you even consider a risky person? What kind of qualities do they have? Is it like a skill that can be developed? Or is it something that somebody just... has? Think about it... maybe taking a chance and putting yourself out there can be the best or maybe even the worst thing you ever do. Are you willing to take it?

My name is Savanna Skinner and I've taken a chance and I plan on taking another one.