Friday, October 15, 2010

Sadies is Coming Up!

So Sadie Hawkins is just around the corner! It's only a couple of weeks away now and everyone's getting really excited about it, especially since everyone's officially asked their dates now! Really, it's exciting. So last Friday, in order to make up for the lameness of me and the way that I asked Tanner Greer to Sadies (it was still unique but not exactly the way I wanted to do it, thanks to Brother Frost for helping me out... haha, couldn't have done it without him) Kylie and I went with Kallie and Carly to ask their special persons of choice to Sadies. Man, was it adventurous. It was just really fun and awesome and of course I took my camera!!! So here's some fun with the pictures and such :)

We HAD to sniff the cantelope in order to pick out really good ones!!! :)

Kallie, Carly and their cantelopes!!!

Kallie's AWESOME socks

A Favorite!!!

Both of their sayings went something along these lines...

As you can see... we had a lot of fun!!!!

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