Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Put A Puzzle Together With Dad.

#5 on the list is complete. It's awesome. I bought a puzzle with Nikki last Friday night (along with some ice cream) and since Nikki and I didn't finish it (the puzzle that is), I thought that Dad and I might enjoy it. It would be some good "time for bonding". While we did it at the kitchen table, not much was said except for, "Where do you think this piece goes?" or "Which building do you think this piece belongs to?" or even "No, no, no, that piece doesn't go there." The puzzle was of temple square. It took us together about 3 hours to do. It was totally worth it. It's beautiful. I even had a frame all ready to go that I had found a few months ago for it to go in. It's incredible. The picture that I put up doesn't do it justice. You'll have to come by and see it for yourself sometime :)

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