Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall 2009

Well, just realizing that I haven't written anything updated anything lately made me quite sad. Life has been great lately since I've found a new love for the spirit. They're definitely right, fake it till you make it. Before I was annoyed with people, and honestly, pretending to be okay and unannoyed by them made it that way for me. It's been great, really. I will admit that I've had a few extremely emotional moments, but hey, don't we all? Anyways, I just feel that the Lord has blessed me sincerely in my life with great friends, an amazing family and an awesome school. I know that I haven't been very happy with high school yet, but let me tell you... it's just getting better all the while because I'm doing something about it.

Halloween was pretty much awesome. (Pictures will be posted later) Not only was it a great day of work, it was also a great day of fun and laughter. After work, I decided that I didn't want to dress up for Lisa's party, so I just dressed up all nice and wore Dad's funny old glasses. We watched "Wait Until Dark" with Audrey Hepburn. Not the most entertaining movie I've ever seen but I don't think that I've ever sat through a whole movie that was made in the 60s... Haha, anyways...

The weekend before Halloween, I got to spend the weekend at Carly's house for 4 nights while my parents went down to Porterville, California for the cross-country banquet. What an adventure that was. Sadly enough, we were so busy that we didn't really take any pictures. I actually did end up with a picture of Alex (a kind of blurry one) and a picture of our cookie dough that we made, on the pan with Carly's hand over it (also another blurry one). Ah, well, the memories will always be in my heart.

SO lately I've been working on Personal Progress and have been blessed to know that they DO have those experiences in there for us to learn from. I know that setting the goal of being nicer to people and boosting their self-confidence has boosted mine immensely. It's a great thing to be nice to other people and actually care about what's going on in their lives and caring about how they're doing. It really boosted my spirits when I was told that some of my good friends had been sharing the difference in my attitude to their young women group and how it affected the people around me. Being a bit down yesterday when I heard this, it immediately made me feel up again and I felt like I knew there was a reason that I was supposed to be doing this.

The holidays are coming up and I just absolutely canNOT wait!!! This year should be great. I'll be going to Vegas with my parents on the first weekend of December and then I'm absolutely ecstatic to go back to Phoenix again in January. It should be simply great! Haha, anyways, let's see... what else has been going on in life?

Well, it's Tuesday and it's a pretty good one at that. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! :]

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