Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So lately I've been in one of those MAJOR cleaning mojo's. [also considered my "spring cleaning" although it snowed like 6 inches today...] It's been absolutely great and I'm hoping that it'll all turn out for the better and maybe I'll be able to keep this new feeling of neat-freakish....ness... This break has been absolutely crazy and today was the first day in the whole break that I haven't been super busy at all. Alright, yesterday, for the first time in pretty much a really long time, I had the chance to be IN FRONT of the camera rather than behind it [really, it's more weird than you might think]. I went with Katie and it was an a really fun time. It was rather cold, but it was fantastic! She put a sneak peak on her blog [] and I instantly became absolutely euphoric [my word of the day] over it. It's absolutely amazing. Katie is my photographing idol. I'm also excited to see if we'll be able to become better friends through the whole photography thing. Well, if not that then anything else :)

Then we went straight to Nate's birthday party [which was a blast by the way]. We watched GI Joe [pending as my new favorite movie] and then Maddi came and helped me clean and organize until 2 o'clock this morning before we crashed and then slept in till about... oh noon... haha, it's been a while since I've been able to do that.

Well, I'd better go get the rest of my area cleaned up and organized and get some laundry going so I can actually start thinking about getting started on that book report... haha. Adios amigos!

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