Monday, June 28, 2010

What I Love About My Ward Friends

One of the things that I love MOST about my ward friends is that they live REALLY close to me. They're within walking distance and I can just go where I need to go, whether we hang out, live life, we trade and borrow stuff from each other or whatever. It's the best. 

Now, I don't know about you, but I do know that if you don't like your ward peeps life gets pretty miserable, am I right? Well, these are just a few reasons why I love them all :)
  • We have lots of fun and get REALLY silly..

  • We impersonate Twilight scenes when we get bored.

  • Those who have them aren't afraid to show off their afros or as we like to call them, their poof!

  • We're very protective over our chocolate snacks.

  • We love to smile!

  • We write things down that we say and quote ourselves.

  • We make the best out of our sunburns! (astringent party!)

  •  We like animals.

  •  We eat LOTS of food.

  •  We're definitely not afraid to get messy

  •  We give ourselves gangster names!
    • e.g. Snake, Flower, Sunshine, Fro, Poof, Goldilocks, etc.

  •   We're not afraid of some friendly competition

  •  We attempt to lick watermelon juice off of our elbows

  •  And successfully jump in the middle of pictures

  •  We may get knocked over in the wind

  • some show off their funky tan lines

  •  others have extremely wicked coordination skills (even in a skirt!)

  •  and we pretend to make ourselves bleed... (it's a LONG story)

  • OH YEAH! And we get eaten by tents!!!

  • we get mud on all of our stuff!
  • we may wear bonnets to keep the sun from burning us even more,

  • Okay, so let's not forget the leaders either, but there aren't many pictures that can describe how amazing they are... heehee :)
We may laugh hysterically at nothing but we're always friends in the end, and that's why I love these guys! We'll always have a good time no matter what!!! I've pretty much created some of the most amazing memories with these guys and I'll love them forever! <3

 (keeping ourselves occupied while we waited lots on trek)


  1. I made it on the post twice :) i feel so special!!!!!!!!!! I just discovered your blog, email me your email at and ill send you an invite to my blog!

  2. This makes me miss trek and it also gets me OH SO EXCITED for Girls Camp. . . I need to update my blog, but it is much more fun to just read yours!
    :) Thanks for making "the ward" such a ward to be a part of!