Saturday, June 12, 2010


UPDATE: taken June 13, 2010 
These are the pretty colors that my foot has  turned within 5 days of the incident.
(that's the bottom of my toe)

 Stupidity comes at the price of PAIN... never in my life will I EVER do a three-legged-race with someone who has shoes on, especially chacos. EVER AGAIN and after you've see these pictures, you'll understand why. Mom thinks that it's broken, but who knows. (taken June 12, 2010)

KICKING SOMEBODY'S SHOE: Free of Charge (Also, Kaden and Alex called it an Abby move; meaning that it's something Abby would totally do by kicking someone else's shoe. Then they told me it was worse than what Abby might do... hahaha, then I knew I felt like an idiot... so you could add a hint of humiliation in there too)


ACE BANDAGE: my sister found it somewhere

SHOWING OFF TOE TO THE GUYS AND GROSSING THEM OUT: priceless (this is what makes it all worth it!) 

NOTE: the marks on the left side of my foot are from the ace bandage. No worries. Haha, just focus on the pinky toe over there.

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