Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tagging in a Blog? Okay.

So this whole tagging thing is going around. Okay, I'll play. But I'm determined to give you 7 random facts that you may not particularly know, or aren't the usual facts that are shared on things like this. My goal is to hopefully share with you information that may entertain you.

  1. I had braces on for two years, one month and two days and I can honestly say that I seriously cannot really remember ever having them. Even after three oral surgeries. (Those I remember though... haha.) 
  2. Alex and I are starting to say the same things at the same time. We've even started making the same facial expressions when Mo says something silly at work. It's freaking hilarious. Especially since it's just starting and we've been good friends for about 3 years now. I can't help but laugh.
  3. I love back rubs. They're wonderful. Especially when they last for half an hour. (I have some really big knots in my back... just in case you needed to know)
  4. I own a dagger. And I bought another one and it's on its way to my house via snail mail. Don't worry, it's only a fascination so far. It isn't an obsession.... yet...
  5. I have a pen pal. But do I write her? Hardly never because I'm so terrible. This next letter is going to be terribly long. I can feel it.
  6. I don't mind cleaning and organizing things. I just have to be in the mood to do it. I find it productive and stress-relieving.
  7. Star Trek is my all-time favorite movie and it has been since I first saw it in theaters in May of 2009. Genius piece of work; from the actors to the script to the plot. Brilliance.
Done and done.
I tag... Marissa, Lauren and Chelsea (random, I know, but it works...)

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  1. Thanks for the tag :) I just posted my 7 facts. I love your blog!