Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fast Ball

My future is basically being thrown at me at 98 mph... if not faster. For the longest time I was absolutely dreading going to college, moving out... moving on. Sometimes moving on has a sad connotation along with it, but this time it's just about moving on to bigger and better things. It's the next step of life and it's the next challenge I still have yet to face. (Especially the living on my own part...)

I was dreading the decision of which college to go to. Absolutely nuts. Well, I applied for two colleges. The first one I applied for was SUU. Felt excited about it, but then I went down there for the Shakespeare Competition the second week in October.... and to be perfectly honest, it just didn't feel right. I didn't like it. Then by the time I had gotten my acceptance letter, as well as a $4000 acedemic scholarship, I had already decided on a different school that wasn't even in the options earlier on. Not even at college day. I wish I had thought of it then. I just feel really good about it though. So guess what?

I'm gonna be a UTE :)
I applied and last Tuesday I got my acceptance letter.

No wonderful, save my butt scholarship yet... but even my dad, who's worried about money more than I am, said that I should go to the school that feels right rather than the school that offers me more money. Of course I pick the second most expensive school in the state, but hey, what's right is right. There's no doubting it.

I even stole my mom's Utah sweater,

(I was trying to hold it up and take a picture at the same time. Fail... I know.)

and I'm ready to give it back, only hoping that I'll be able to receive one for Christmas. Haha, but I told Carly the day after I got my letter, I would wear the sweater to school. We were both shouting for joy and hugging each other that morning. It was really exciting. I'm also applying for other scholarships. I'll probably be sure to let you know how it goes. Two months ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what I wanted to do with my life or what I wanted to be. Well, as of now, I'm going to the University of Utah, and it's going to be fantastic. I already know it.

Quick story:
On Halloween, we went up the canyon to go ziplining in the dark (which was freaking amazing by the way) and I wore the UofU sweatshirt. Well, my uncle works up there and let me tell ya... he's a die-hard, devoted BYU football fan. I did wear the sweater just to see what he would say. He did say something. He told me that I was disowned, and that I was NOT allowed to cheer them on. Well, then I told him that he would probably never speak to me again and that I had applied there. He actually congratulated me and said that it's a great school and he's proud of me (but also added that I'm still not allowed to cheer on their football team... so ridiculously funny).

Anyways, there are so many other things that fall under this subject, but let's just say that life's throwing a fast ball, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it, but at the same time, I'm so ready, it's not even funny! I'm embracing ever second of my senior year though. This is the time for me to do anything and everything. (Which I am... :))

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