Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today was just an all around brilliant day...

Today was my first day in chamber... and let me tell you... it was WEIRD. Normally Carly and I split ways after seminary, but today we got to walk to class together!!! I was warmly welcomed into the class by all the kids and Durtschi. It was magnificent. They're singing this mile-long song called "Carmina Burana" that they've been practicing since the beginning of the year. Yeah... I'm totally lost. It's not even funny. I've had the music for about a month and a half now, but haven't bothered to sit down and actually try to learn the latin... or the notes... in fact, I bought a version of it that the London Symphony did, and it's INCREDIBLE, but a little far-fetched for me right now. I'm sure that if I really work towards it and spend countless hours on it (that I don't have) then I would be able to do it. Hm... Christmas Break project maybe? We'll see. They're performing it this weekend, and there is no way in the dark underworld that Hades rules over, that I will learn it by then, but they're performing it again sometime after the new year. I'll most likely make an effort before then. Promise. :)

Anyways, it was weird being in a small, mixed choir. It's definitely going to take some getting used to. We also started some Christmas music, and it was magical. Seriously, I can't wait for it. Christmas chorals are my favorite to sing.

Speaking of Christmas, it's getting cold. I hate that it snowed today. It should at least wait till Thanksgiving. (Haha, just a little side note there.)

So here are a few things that I noticed and little things that happened in chamber today:

  • I'm singing alto 1. I haven't sung alto 1 since junior high. This should be interesting... I mean, you would think that alto is alto, but when you're used to singing the lowest among the women, you definitely get used to it. I don't know, I guess it's just a choir thing. But it'll be a learning experience from here on out.
  • Hayden Knudsen? Yeah, he can SING. Holy tamoles. That kid can totally rip it out.
  • My sight singing has gotten a lot better since I started practicing with hymns at church. Never thought it was that big of a deal, but it's awesome.
  • There are three Michael's in chamber. SOOO weird. Mike Alder, Mike Thurman, and Mike... uh... HA I can't remember the other one's last name. He'll probably never read this, so I don't really have to worry about offending anyone.
  • Quote of the Day by the one and only Steve Durtschi:
    • "The stage can do two things for you; it will either shove you under a bus, or it will glorify you."
Haha, so epic. Today was just an all around brilliant day, from the perfect seminary lesson (about eternal marriage, which I always love), getting to sing again with people that I adore, and making the coolest potato head dude in photo today, as well as looking and feeling awesome today. It was sweet. The Book of Mormon I can definitely thank for an amazing life. Whenever I'm really good about studying it, I tend to be more calm and at ease with my crazy hectic life. That's NOT a coincidence, and I know it. Anyways, have a wonderful night. :)


  1. oh i miss my chamber year. and haydo? yeah dang straight he can sing. hope you have fun.

  2. I am secretly (or openly, whatev) in love with Hayden's voice. Plus, this made me miss high school the tiniest bit, and that hasn't happened since I left; therefore, that is significant. Thanks for the memories :)

  3. I miss this. I'll come crash a chamber rehearsal one of these days, okay? Okay.

  4. How fun! Chamber! Yeah, chamber was fun but nothing is better than women's chorus. I still miss that class. Let me know when Christmas in the commons is happening? you're a doll :)