Sunday, July 1, 2012

Playback on June

I've just recently decided (recent meaning 2 seconds ago) that I will be posting more often now. The most I've been doing is one in a month and the some months I don't even get around to that much.

In the month of June, nothing drastic has happened. But I made a new friend! His name is Drew. We hang out ALL the time. Yeah, his family? Hilarious! I love every single one of them!

Other happenings... Well, there was my birthday, but nothing too exciting occurred... well... maybe I can share something :)

I woke up to the sound of the someone pounding on my door. In fear of it being someone incredibly cute and adorable *cough* I hurried and fixed my hair up into a tight knob on my head. I opened the door and sure enough, Drew was already halfway down the sidewalk back to his car.

Me: Hi. (:
Drew: Hi, I brought you breakfast. (:
Me: *laughing* Haha, really?
Drew: *nods*
[He is a man of few words.]

I'm sure this was a way for him to compensate for missing my so-called "party" later that night. I asked the million dollar question - "Did your mom make this breakfast?"  Of course I was sure that I already knew the answer. Haha, alas, he totally admitted that she basically made it. I love Lisa. She's a sweetheart. I swear she feeds me every time I'm over at their house. And she's always good for conversation too :) And just in case you were wondering, breakfast was delicious! After we were done eating, we watched an episode of "Boy Meets World" (It's my summer show. It's so good.) Then he had to leave and get ready for his weekend adventure.

The rest of the day was chill. I took my grandma, Lacie and Bre to meet up with my mom at Wal-Mart and on the way grams bought some Krispy Kreme donuts. SO delish :)

Then I rushed home and had scheduled a headshot sesh with Abby. She's so beautiful. :)

Of course then more people started showing up later on. It was really laid back and fun. People just came and left. Some stayed for a while, and some just stopped by to say hi. It was fun. Of course my cousins came in and pulled me up to the front of the house where they had painted my car. Glorious.... haha -

Haha, he'll kill me if he ever sees
that I posted this... ;)

On Sunday after I got home from WidowMaker and he got out of church, I headed over to his house to hang out with him and his family. Ryan and Lex were coming over to eat dinner and teach us a new card game. I always love learning new card games. But just a word of advice: Never sit next to Ryan while playing Nertz. He's crazy fast and crazy good at it. It just gets a tad bit overwhelming. Well, Drew was in lots of pain because he had gotten majorly sunburned on his legs over the weekend. When I was over there on Monday, I caught a picture of him sleeping on the floor. You can see how bad it was. Especially on his ankles. This was only the beginning. He's finally started getting better and is walking normally after a week... haha.

I also find it exciting when Kaden came over Thursday night so I could finish signing his yearbook (finally), and he ended up staying and we were talking for forever. He finally left at like... 3:30ish... but it was freaking awesome. Best. Friend. Ever. 

Drew and I went up the canyon yesterday. THAT was an adventure. We basically decided that we needed to do something besides lounge around his house all day. So we decided to go up the canyon and take some pictures. I didn't get many cause it was hot and there wasn't much to take pictures of. So I decided to take some pictures of Drew cause he was there (OBVIOUSLY...)
Afterwards we went to lunch at Sensuous. Only the sexiest place to eat lunch. Obviously. I love everyone that works there! Okay... mostly everyone. I'm not perfect obviously, but that's what happens sometimes. ANYWAYS, I'm excited to see what week will bring considering it's the week of our countries freedom and such. Ya know, no big dal or anything. ;) Maybe I'll have some fun pictures from that as well. Should be exciting!

Today I got a new calling as the "Ward Bulletin Board Specialist". Haha, I tried my best to not laugh when the bishop told me that. Don't worry. Before I was able ask, the bishop reassured me that it was a legit calling. ("It's in the manual," he said.) I've already got some pretty good ideas after listening to him go off on his ideas for it. In an essence, I will be working as the ward historian in sorts. I'm sure you'll be hearing about it sometime. Should be an adventure. My dad told me that I shouldn't accept any calling unless I'm going to do it. Well, I've accepted it, therefore I have to do it. Lovely. Magicalness. I should be abe to do well. Besides, I'm awesome :)

Hopefully you'll all be able to look forward to more blogging in the near future and before next month! I've got a few more storeis to share! Ha... ;) Have a splendid evening everyone, and remember that life is good!

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