Friday, September 14, 2012

Thank You

Thank you to those who have made my life just a little bit easier. More specifically to those who listen to me rant and go off on tangents when I need to figure something out. (FYI: The best way for me to figure out something for myself is for me to talk about it with someone. I solve a lot of my problems and relieve a lot of stress by just talking to someone. Even if they don't say anything, they just have to listen.) Thanks also to those who have had to listen to it countless times, especially when I get extremely anxious and frustrated, namely, my mother. She's always willing to listen, even if she's not really listening, but seems like she is because she's so tired. My momma works really hard for our family and does a lot. And it doesn't help that she's been pretty sick the last couple of weeks. (Even though it frustrates me further when I ask her for advice and she tells me to decide for myself, and then I decide for myself and she tells me that I need to do the opposite. So frustrating.) I love you momma. ♥

Thank you to my dad who will sit and watch Big Bang with me and eat a ginormous cucumber with me. Really, we have some good times watching television believe it or not ;) And my dad gives really good hugs too. I love them. And I love you paps. Even when we have "being an adult" talks. I hate them, but I still love you!

Thank you to Carly for spending part of her evening with me. I miss this girl dearly. We can talk about anything, and after tonight, I am reassured of this. ;) Dinner was amazing, and I love you. Enjoy the rest of your semester and I shall see you at Christmas.

Thank you to Brittnie for working for me when I decide I want to go out of town and not work that weekend. I made it really easy for her to slice tonight since she was already working 10 hours beforehand. I love you and thanks for always making me smile, even when it's accompanied by blushing. ;)

Thank you to Drew for always being there for me, caring for me, and loving me more than anything. I love you, even when you're a pain in the... well, you know. :) I love our exciting adventures up the canyon, at Iceberg and well, just hanging out with your family or losing bets when we play Phase 10. You're the best friend ever chub.

Thank you to Lisa, who is just simply amazing. She is always willing to let me in her home and is always feeding me delicious new foods. Like salmon burgers! Have you ever had one? Didn't think so. They're awesome. And she looks like Lynda Carter from Wonder Woman. If you haven't, go and check out page 44 of the most recent Utah Valley Magazine. She's in it and she's lovely. :) I love Lisa, and that's all there is to it. She's like a second mom. In fact, maybe one day she will be. ;) Haha, hey, it could happen!

Thank you to all those who have been recommending me to other people to take photos for events in their life. Holy tamoles, it's been incredible. Because of references, I'm doing bridals tomorrow, a wedding next month and potentially engagements in the next few weeks. I so love this and I so appreciate those who tell people about my stuff. I seriously love you. Not only do I love doing it, but the little extra cash for a struggling college student is more than appreciated as well. (Namely Chelsea, Kinzie and Kylie:))

Thank you to my sister. She really is one of the most caring people in this world. I know I'm not the best sister in the world, but I really do care. I know it doesn't always seem like that. We fight a lot and we say dumb things to each other and really know how to piss each other off, but I definitely have to say that when we are both in good moods, we are quite hilarious.

*Reading Calvin and Hobbes*
Sav (reading as Calvin): Dad! Can I have a flamethrower?
Dad (in bathroom): Sure!

Seriously thank you to those of you who have just been there with a smile and appreciate me for who I am. I seriously couldn't survive my life without them. Doing fifteen credits, working a part-time job, and handling a social life is no easy task and I could never do it on my own.

I guess you could call this my early gratitude list for Thanksgiving this year. Ha, perhaps I'll do a post every day in November, each with something/someone that I'm grateful for. Should be exciting. Haha, especially considering I can hardly keep up with my scripture study, let alone a blog. ;)

OH, and one more thing... pretty sure I just did the hardest thing ever. I'm pretty positive that I finished the Book of Mormon tonight. Pretty sure. Gonna have to check when I get home. I'm just one more experience away from getting my young women's medallion. Goodness gracious. It's about time...

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