Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming or Mesquite?

I've currently run into a problem. I have to decide whether to go to the Homecoming Game against our rival, Mountain View or go to Mesquite with my mom, sister and the rest of the entended family. If I stay home I get to stay home with Dad for the weekend, which could be super fun. I wouldn't have to work because Mom has already scheduled me off of work to go to Mesquite, but then the realization of them both landing at the same time has left me with the choice to choose. Geez... I hate being like this because if I go to one, I'll wish I was at the other. It happens every time. The few times I wish I could be in two places at once.

This week being Homecoming week consists of many things which would be hard to miss. Friday is when all the fun starts. If I choose to go to Mesquite, I would get checked out from school at about noon tomorrow which is right before lunch and right before the end of 3rd period in Seminary. If I chose to stay, I would get to attend the extended lunch period [a gift from Mr. Murphy for homecoming] and lunch would be almost an hour and then we would all go to 4th period [drama]. After that I would probably go home with Carly and hang out or go home and deck out for the carnival and game. Another thing that's urging me to stay in town is that it IS against Mountain View High therefore most of our buddies from junior high would be there also. Alex would be planning on coming and that would totally make my day to see him and other peeps if they decide to show up. :] The upside to Mesquite would just to spend time with my mom and sister and the rest of the fam and catch up. I hate letting people down and I seriously hate missing things. So what should I choose?

Other events in life are as follows: This week I found out that I got a B on my PreCalc test! Woo! Go me! Yesterday I tried out for a spur of the moment solo for "Stormy Weather" in choir and maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't. Haha, I guess we'll see. Hopefully having it stuck in my head for the past 27 hours will come in handy. At least it's not tooooo terribly annoying. A couple of days ago, Julia [Nik's sister] emailed me about his birthday a month ago and decided that she wanted to have a surprise party for Nik's "Sweet 16" but she could only do it this weekend and that wouldn't work out too well because of Homecoming plans and whatnot. Even though we love Nik, no body wanted to give up the carnival and the biggest game of the year against MV to surprise Nik for his birthday which was a month ago.

Super and not super! Haha

Talk about insertive!

Anyways, I hope everything works out alright and the people that I'm not so happy with can make peace.... Grrr... I still don't know what their deal is though... it pisses me off. Anyways, otherwise life is good and life should be good for you too :]

I just wish I didn't have to decide... hmmm...

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