Monday, September 28, 2009


So as you can probably see from the topic of the post, I did end up making a decision. I decided to go to the carnival and the game, and I don't regret it whatsoever. :] It all started off with an awesome hour long lunch and then finishing off the school day in B4 Drama with a good chunk of the gang. Afterwards I went home and got ready for the evening. It was, not even joking, the best night I've had in a REALLY long time! It was great to see Alex there. Right at the beginning, as Shae Hunsaker [our student body president] starting singing the National Anthem before kick-off, Izak conveniently pointed out our favorite friend from Mountain View walking along the track. We suddenly got excited. I couldn't help but run as soon as the song was over. I ran down the bleachers and almost knocked him over I was so excited to see him. Hahaha, it was good to see his smiling face. The only difference was that he's probably grown a few inches since I last really saw him in May and his hair is also a lighter brown now and not to mention the slight scruff that he has on his chin. ;] It was so much fun catching up with him. So awesome! We didn't pay much attention to the game, even though we lost miserably to our fellow Mountain View. [7-17] Thankfully though, we had a great time and no body was in a bad mood at all that night which made it great for everybody. It was really hard to leave because no body wanted to separate, but we had to go eventually. The only thing that could've made the night better was if it didn't have to end. That night will definitely be in my memory forever.

Not to be cocky or anything, but Timp is SOOO much cooler than MV when it comes to kindness. Geez... some of us went over to the MV side where they were sitting and went to find people that we knew. Annoyingly we ended up leaving after a few minutes because we felt like we were going to get jumped or something! It was terrible! But we gladly welcomed all of our MV people over to the Timp side. [Not to mention Alex sat with us the whole time!] Sadly he wouldn't let us paint his face blue, but I guess I can see where he's coming from.

Saturday, Kallie and I went over to Cevan's house and we went shopping with Shawnie, Nena and Taylor at the mall. That was a pretty fun time. We then went over to the house to hang out and were there for a good chunk of the day. I guess you could call that our Homecoming party cause we had a pretty good time! Thanks for a great weekend everybody! :]

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  1. It looks and sounds like you had a great time! and your pics are cute! I am happy you decided to do homecoming! after all, you're only in highschool once.