Saturday, August 21, 2010

And Football Season BEGINS!

And one of the reasons why I love this time of year the most, is football games. Yes, they are great. No, I still don't understand the concept of football except to get it fast the touchdown line. Yes, I have a great time and there are cute boys to watch. No, I'm not going to have to work through all of them!

We won 13-6 against Payson High on Friday night. I was sad because I had to work till 8:30 with Des and Delia. Little did I know (until I asked of course... haha) was that Desmond was gonna try and make it to the game for the second half. It was AWESOME. We got out of there so fast and then I called Izak up and told him to meet me at the school in 10 minutes. (Yes, we did get from South to North Orem in ten minutes. It was CRAZY!) We got there and they had just started the third quarter and it was so much fun seeing so many people that I hadn't seen all summer. It was so great. I just hung out with Izak and Jordan and it was pretty much awesome. I totally can NOT wait for more games. And I especially can't wait for the THS vs MVHS football game at the Bruin Bowl... that will most definitely be INTENSE. And, if I'm feeling brave and risky, I'm planning on decking out in green, white and blue and sitting in the middle of the MV peeps. Only if I'm feeling up to it. I would dress up in MV colors, but I actually know people on the football team at Timp now, so I would probably be marked shameless... haha, not good... Anyways, that's another post for another time... when it's actually... happened... yeah!

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