Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lacking Epic...ness....

Yes, epicness is my new favorite word. Don't judge. I made it up. I'm sure that other people have made it up before and used it too, but it works for me. Anyways, I've been lacking a lot of "epicness" lately. I mean, it's been really hard trying to think of things that top our imitation video of Julian Smith's "Malk". It's hard. Especially when you work 34 hours in a week. I mean, you adults are probably like, "Savanna, welcome to the real world. Welcome to the rest of your life! Wake up call!" Well, if you weren't thinking that, it's alright because my dad has and if you actually do feel some so-called pity for me, I thank you and I thank my paycheck because after I take out tithing and the $20 that I have to pay for calculator rental for math at school this year, I will most definitely be putting it all towards my D3000. (For those of you that haven't heard of this adventure I have been taking, I'm saving up for a new DSLR camera, and my goal date is October 1st. Here's to hoping!)

Anyways, well, I guess I could talk about the semi-date that I went on last night. After I got home from mutual, I was dead tired, but my good friend, Daniel Bean, had asked me for a third time if I wanted to go get ice cream and such and just talk and hang out and get to know each other better. I was all for it, but the first two times that he asked, I was, of course, busy. HONEST! I'm just a busy person okay? Well, I got permission from Dad and my curfew was 10. Fair enough. Called up Bean and said we could go. 10 minutes later we were off. It was rather fun. We went over to Macey's, I paid for my OWN ice cream, thank you very much, and we sat, and we chatted, and laughed and got stared at awkwardly by people that knew me... haha, it was good fun. Well, here is a picture of Bean's ice cream after it finally fell out of the cone. It would've been a LOT funnier if he had dropped it on his face or may I regret saying, his lap. But it fell in the cup. Good times. Anyways... haha, here is photographic evidence:

Yeah, in that last picture, Daniel kinda freaked me out a bit... haha, don't stare at it too long or he might steal your soul...

The best part was that after he had tipped the ice cream in the cup, he ate the ice cream upside-down and felt like a bat. He refers to it as his batman ice cream now. Quite humorous. Anyways, it was a good, messy, fun-filled night with laughs and awesomeness.

Anyways, well, let's see... other little epic things... Well, everything else that I can think of deserves its own post.... haha, maybe I have achieved epicness this week in a smaller form... hmm... yeah :)

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