Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow... FINALLY! *smiles*

Yes... it snowed Sunday morning. Brilliant? Yes. Waking up in grandpa's basement and looking out the french doors and two large glass windows to watch the earth covered in pure, untouched, white snow was extremely breath-taking. I love first snow fall of the year. Now... let's be honest... it can go away... haha! I wanna wear my chucks again... although boots have proven to be a great comfort on a tiring Monday. (And I was supposed to wait till Christmas to get them... hahahaha) Okay... yeah... so Maddi, Nikki and I all went sledding and played in the snow. Well, it was more they played around in the snow while I took pictures of them. Yeah, cause I'm like that. Haha, I hope you're enjoying the snow as well!!! (The first and the fourth are my favorite! :))

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