Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Life as a Techie...

It's weird... I'm gonna be perfectly honest... I miss the stage too. But I have so much fun, and oddly, I don't mind living at the school for a month straight when rehearsals get longer and longer and we all get crankier and exhausted. Let me tell ya, I had fun with Footloose and can't wait for more fun this year. Seriously. It'll be awesome. These are pictures that we took on closing night and were just messing around before the show started. They don't even begin to explain the immense amount of fun that we have up there and watching the show 5 times, not including rehearsals, you tend to get the songs and scenes stuck in your head all the time. It happens. But I love it! I'm sad yet relieved and overjoyed that it's over. Great memories to look back on :)

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