Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Always Up For a Good One

Don't you just hate it when your computer freezes up and you're trying to hurry fast to get something done (or like... 3 things...)? I do. And that's what happened so in sitting here and waiting for the computer here to reboot itself so that I can hurry and get this crap done and go to bed. I don't know about any of you, but I'm tired of not getting enough sleep! Although it is entirely my fault and I will blame myself because frankly.. It is my fault... :/ whoops...?

Well, there are quite a few reasons why I haven't been getting lots of sleep at night.

1.  Procrastination

It's one of my biggest flaws. Although I have been working on it. In fact I've been working in prioritizing somewhat and getting just the necessities done at night. (ya know... The night before it's due?) I would also like to thank my good friend spammy who gave me the perfect solution to my problem of procrastination. As I was going on about what I had to suffer through tonight while I agonized in pain, first he came up with the idea to prioritize. Okay... Alright. Prioritize. But what happens when everything is on the same level of importance and I'm not quite sure what to do about it? Yeah, maybe I should try and get that one past him... Hmmm... I'll have to get back to you on that one. Then the subject of new years resolutions came up and he started saying something about making procrastination a new years resolution. Then he stated, "Savanna, I've got an idea. You should make procrastination one of your new year's resolutions. Then that way, you can procrastinate and then feel achievement from it!" "Well, what if I decide not to procrastinate and just get it done?" "Then you'll be productive! See? It's a win-win situation!" We both just laughed about it. I still am in fact. The idea is so chimerical (I learned that word yesterday in English :)) yet, it makes sense! Haha, it really truly does!
2.  Harry Potter  BOOKS!
This one isn't as much of a problem any more now that I FINISHED THE SERIES! (FINALLY!!!! heehee :)) I now feel as though I can truly claim myself as a true and devoted Harry Potter fan! It feels so great! Now I'm just getting off of the HP kick and starting new books and ranging to different genres for just a little bit. It's quite fantastic being a bookworm. Facebook and blogging (and quite frankly... homework) all seem to just bore me now. It's great having something else to fall back on when all my favorite pastimes tend to fail. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that I have finally achieved something that great (cause I'm really  slow at reading and never thought I could get through the books). But I did it and can now cross it off of my list. I think there will be a few changes made to my bucket list for this year... it needs to happen... cause honestly... I'm not so sure about them anymore. Not that I don't think I can succeed at those things anymore, but I just need to decide whether I'm ready to take on such large tasks and with my recent thoughts of doubt, I need to decide what exactly I WANT to do. Anyways, books. Books are good. They will never lead me wrong. (As long as I choose good ones that is...) And since I've recently bought so many new books... I need to get on that. I like movies too just as much as I love books. I've always loved movies. I'm always up for a good one.
3.  Movies
Movies are a great cure for my boredom. Especially if I haven't seen the movie before or even if I have seen it before like a bajillion times and think to myself, "and why do I watch this movie so much? oh yeah, that's right... it's funny/hilarious/heart-breaking/satisfying to my emotional girl needs." Then I think to myself "I need a life..." Well, movies and books have BECOME my life. I love them and the literature that they hold. I will not fail to mention that sometimes I turn them on late at night. It's impulsive (not planned) as to how late I stay up each night. I'm very impulsive and that's just how it works and probably how it will always work. Haha, that's just who I am. :)
Well, here are a few things that complete me and yet, they tear me down in a way that I never get any sleep at night. I know I'm awful... but again. That's me and sometimes I feel as though there's nothing I can do about it. But... I'm alright with that... :)

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