Thursday, January 20, 2011

Read to the End to Find Out Who Asked Me!

But let's be honest.
(I didn't think I would.)

But now I can definitely cross it off my bucket list... that is if I make it to Saturday!!! Just watch: I'll come down with some sad, contagious fever thinger and flu and won't be able to go... haha *knock on wood*

Oh! And I found my camera battery! So I won't have to worry about not having any pictures from Saturday. I've got it all set out. My camera is all pretty looking and the screen isn't all scratched up anymore. It's magnificent. I absolutely love it!

Anyways, yesterday, while watching American Idol and attempting to do my Calc homework (all at the same time... ha), there was this loud and kick down the door knock. Dad opened the door and found a disk with my name on it. Haha... uh-oh. I knew exactly what it was.
(I was being asked to Bargain Ball.)

I had been pondering for weeks who I would end up going to Bargain Ball with if I ended going at all. My mind was racing. BreAnna was jumping up and down in excitement (which didnt' help me at all to be perfectly honest... and made me even more nervous...) So I open up the disc and there are these lyrics:
(Brace yourself.)

Yo, what up? This is as white as it gets, BOI!

Once upon a time, this kid went to school.
Believe it or not, he wasn't very cool.
He played D'n'D and checkers and chess.
At Star Wars trivia, he was the best.
Never had anything stronger than milk,
And his suspendas, they made outta silk.
His pants are high with his dice on the ground,
At the comic book store is where he'll be found.

But when she walks in, his heart just stops
He's sweatin' under his argyle socks.

Have you ever heard the story of the two nerds in love?
It's the story of you and me.
A nerd kid and his girl sent from heaven above,
With you I'll get to level three.

You make me feel like I've been struck by a lance,
Will you go with me to the Bargain Ball Dance?

(Listen to the end to hear who's asking!)

Haha, yeah, I was laughing and shaking and all that mumbo-jumbo. It was funny.
(You had to see it for yourself.)
Bre and I went into my room and put the CD into the player.
I can't take this high a level of anxious intensity.
Okay... another confession:
(I pressed the fast-forward button...)
BUT WHAT IS A GIRL SUPPOSED TO DO!!! when there's like a minute of this weird techno-polka going on. It didn't help!
Then all of a sudden my sister goes off on how she knows who it is.
(or at least the 3 guys that it could be)
Haha, yeah, she was over at the house that they were making it at.
And listened to them make it.
Funny. It is.
So you're probably wondering who it is huh?
Well, let me tell you how I responded first. Or better yet, let me show you :)
("What? You have a picture?" Duh...)
This is my response. That I drew last night instead of doing my Physics homework. Haha, yes, I know. I'm a terrible person. But it's cute isn't it???

I dropped it off into his first period class (the only one that I knew he had cause I had the same class but second period...) and it was awesome. Haha, he also told me that at lunch that it was the fastest response he had ever gotten. Well, of course! I hate waiting for responses. And as far as I know he's only asked one other girl to a dance.
(Kylie Thomas to Homecoming.)
So I was faster than Kylie... haha. Awesome.
Alright. It was

Andrew Thomas :)

Love that kid. A lot. And this is the cool red envelope that I found and put his picture in.

I can't wait for Saturday. Really. I'm stoked. This weekend is gonna be wicked sweet and totally chill. Seriously for real.

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