Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tithing is Truly a Blessing. Promise.

My life has taken a few twists and turns in the last week or two. I'm so exhausted and emotionally drained it's not even funny. I was talking to Izak on the phone last night and kind of asking for advice as to what I should do. He helped a lot. I love that kid. A lot. Always there for me. I hope that you have a friend like that, if not several of them. If you don't, than I'm not quite sure how you make it. You may have to explain it to me one day, k?

Anyways, most of you know that ever since I saved up for my big fat camera, I've been trying to pay for drama tour to Las Vegas and LA (yes, we are going to Disneyland :)) I am so super pumped for this trip, nothing is gonna bring me down. (except for maybe the mass amounts of make-up that I'm gonna have to do. Grr...) So two weeks ago I finished paying off the $700 fee. It was time to start saving for souvenirs and food. Glorious food. I love food. But that topic it for another day.

So while I was paying for tour, I was working long Saturday shifts and babysitting whenever it was offered to me and pretty much taking on anything that I could. I remembered to pay my tithing whenever I had cash and I've been pretty good at keeping up on it. As of lately I've been stressing about money and school, time and anxiety and being able to have enough money to go on tour with. I tried to remember that I would pay off tour faster if I paid my tithing first. Still stressing about money, therefore:

....I applied for a second job.

I know, I know... I'm crazy. I KNOW. And guess what else?

I got it.

It was basically handed over to me.
Now, money isn't the only reason I wanted a different job. I love Sensuous with all of my heart, but I need to find something that expands my horizons and find a job where I'm not working for my mother... I just need that perspective. Because let's be honest, I'm not gonna be working for or with my mom forever.

Anyways, I've prayed about it and just honestly... I don't have the time. I hardly have time for my first job... Let alone a second. Homework is just crazy and it doesn't make me happy inside. Anyways, so I'm starving for money right? Well, this is how I got the answer to my prayers.

Yesterday morning in first period, Broberg called me up to her desk. I found out that I had overpaid my $90 for tour! And she's gonna refund that money to me. Apparently tour is only costing us $610 Ha! There's money for food! And I've already paid the tithing for this money! Although I'll probably use some of it for current earnings and tithing and such. It's so nice not having to worry about it. I keep telling my parents that if they pay their tithing, bills will become easier to pay. Dad doesn't believe me.

Tithing is a blessing. It's a privilege and it's a known fact that you ARE blessed when you diligently and faithfully pay that little 10%. Think about it. 10% really isn't that much... You just have to be patient, but the blessings WILL become relevant to you and they will become known unto you. It's so wonderful.

And just so you know.....
....I'm not taking the job.
And just so you know....
Little Caesars is hiring. :)

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  1. Oh so true Savanna! I'm so glad that you are able to recognize the great blessings associated with paying your tithing!