Saturday, February 26, 2011

100 Things I Love

It's my 100th blog post!!!!!!
(this is where you whoop and holler and applaud my great name)
And guess what else?
I'm brilliant.
Wanna know why?
Well, good.
Because I'm gonna tell you either way.
I figured that I would save this very special post for a "100 Things I Love" list.
Yep, and lists are on this list.
This isn't limited to what I love, but pretty much the gist of it.
I knew you would be. :)
  1. my momma (unless she starts driving like a maniac)
  2. movies (Despicable Me, Adventures in Babysitting, Star Trek, etc.)
  3. socializing
  4. peanut butter
  5. photography
  6. theater
  7. my dad (on good days)
  8. Sensuous Sandwiches (get over it... I'm obsessed)
  9. Chuck (and Zachary Levi... yummm)
  10. orthodontist appointments (really. no joke.)
  11. Seattle (best marathon I tagged along for. by far.)
  12. California
  13. da beach!
  14. my teléfono
  15. music
  16. making fashion statements (occassionally)
  17. sleeping (zzzzzzz...)
  18. laughing till I pee my pants (it's true)
  19. writing in my journal
  20. computers (except when they won't multi-task)
  21. talking (most of what comes out of my mouth is pointless and I'll be the first one to admit it)
  22. video games
  23. apples (green and CRISP!!!)
  24. oranges
  25. ramen noodles
  26. doing NOTHING
  27. reading (when I'm in the mood)
  28. summer
  29. no homework
  30. making people laugh
  31. getting my braces off (I just know it'll be awesome, k?)
  32. Wal-Mart
  33. camping (Zions, girls camp, sand dunes, etc.)
  34. people watching
  35. old trucks
  36. sleepovers with Carly
  37. my pink hat (yep, it's a trademark of mine)
  38. old rock bands (Styx, Journey, Def Leppard, etc.)
  39. making lists (completing them is a completely different story)
  40. my hair (when it's soft and luscious)
  41. receiving/sending letters (yeah, I do have a pen pal!)
  42. sending postcards
  43. hotels (when I'm not afraid to look under the bed or go into the bathroom)
  44. mismatching socks (and any socks for that matter... you can never have too many as long as they're fresh and clean)
  45. funny, well-written blogs
  46. singing in the shower
  47. working (well... on good days... and my paycheck, ha)
  48. blasting the music when no one is home
  49. pillows
  50. my plush blanket
  51. photo frames
  52. procrastinating (I'm the best)
  53. NCIS
  54. black pens
  55. calendars
  56. Timpanogos paraphernalia
  57. seminary
  58. cheese and crackers
  59. the gospel
  60. deodorant (it saves many a soul from DEATH)
  61. glasses (sunglasses, real glasses, 3D GLASSES!, it's a weird fetish of mine)
  62. the city (which is why Seattle and San Diego are two of my favorite places to go on vacation)
  63. temples (they're just so breathtaking!)
  64. trying new things (within reason)
  65. hoodies
  66. sweats
  67. "Love Spell" lotion (Victoria's Secret baby!)
  68. overachieving (I don't do it often)
  69. a genuine smile
  70. organizing my bedroom (my clothes rack is sorted by color, ha)
  71. fresh laundry
  72. Facebook
  73. glowsticks
  74. choir
  75. being a techie
  76. milk
  77. home videos
  78. sneezing (it's a pleasurable sensation)
  79. holding hands (yeah, for someone who doesn't do it much, I still love it and it depends on who you are too... I don't just hold hands with anybody)
  80. warm rain
  81. impulsive decisions
  82. cereal (I live off the stuff)
  83. spiritual conversations/thoughts
  84. lightning
  85. thunder
  86. summer BBQs
  87. salt and vinegar chips
  88. anything colorful
  89. roller coasters
  90. photo booths
  91. amusement parks
  92. starry nights
  93. bruises (they're cool alright?)
  94. my FRIENDS (and cousins... they're my bestest friends)
  95. potatoes (basically anything made out of potatoes is delicious)
  96. ranch (I like it on my potatoes... as well as other things)
  97. dogs (wolves are my favorite!)
  98. chicken patty sandwiches (I don't know what it is about them that I love so much... but I have them every day at lunch when they have them. Rarely is the main better.)
  99. oreos (and as stated above, milk)
  100. BLOGGING!!!
Well, now that you've read my 100 things that I love, I hope that you'll love my blog enough to follow it. Yes? I mean, the button is RIGHT THERE --------------------->
Not too hard to find.
Unless you're looking in the wrong spot... then you might have issues.
Okay, well, that's the post for the night.
I'll be going and spending my time doing things that are worth my time doing.
(ha, yeah right.)
That's another thing that I love...wasting time... I guess that goes with procrastination huh?
Oh, well. Life is good. :)
P.S. Also, comment and tell me the things that we love in common.
And just things that you love <3


  1. Mmm... #96. I. Love. Ranch. I try it on basically everything I eat, in hopes that it'll be good and I can add it to the list of things I can eat with ranch (yes, such a list exists in my life). In case you were wondering, waffles, twinkies, and chocolate are on the no-go list.

  2. SWEATS and SEATTLE. Seriously. They are the BEST. :)