Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Probably Just Because He's Cute

Summer is starting off amazingly.
Nothing extravagent has been happening,
but it's stress free and so much fun.
I've been working all weekend,
and I love it.
I love my job and everything about it.
Alex is fitting in quite nicely with the Sensuous gang
and is getting along with all the girls that he has met so far.
(And the older ladies that come in to get their fix of sandwiches and end up flirting with him. ;) )
He's established orders.
He got many compliments on how well he's doing for only his 2nd day on the job.
It's probably just because he's cute.
(He has caught on quickly, don't worry. He's doing really well.)
Hahaha, but I seriously can't help but laugh at all the older women that would comment about him to me all the way down at the cash register.
So funny.
Not just elderly women though.
Don't worry.
Middle-aged too!
He kept telling me how many comments (compliments) he got about his eyes as well.
Which are a fake color (in case you didn't know).
The green color is cool though.
Can't wait to see others' reactions when he wears his lavender ones.
We've also established that he likes taking orders and interacting with the customers a lot more than filling the banana pepper containers.
Haha, awesome.
He's gotta learn it sometime!

On Saturday, Kali asked me how weird it was for him to be working there... on a scale of 1-10, I said 8. That was his first day.

Today it would be more like a... 6.
It's gradually getting less weird as he learns everything.
I think it may take a while for it to become completely normal (if ever...)
but it's definitely been fun. You should come in and see us. Definitely :)
Haha, I'll be sure to keep you updated on more fun with Alex and the other newbies at the shop.

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