Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 Person Photoshoot Anyone?

Yesterday, I had my FIRST family photo shoot. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I had so much fun. It really was great. The Blackham's are such a beautiful family, and never have I been with all of them at once. It was exciting! I mean, you can't not have fun with 7 kids. It's just epic. As far as I know, what I've posted, they've been pleased with. (Thank goodness...) Alex kept telling me not to worry and that they weren't too picky. Well, I am! So I'm glad that they like what I've come up with. Hopefully they'll print well. That's another thing that I'm worried about. Hopefully it'll turn out nicely. I got the news that both parents were pleased. That's all that matters. Is it weird that I'm still a bit nervous? Yup. Alright. Fair enough. Here's my favorite picture. These are all the kids, oldest to youngest, left to right: Shalyn, Andrew, Tony, Alex, Kalista, Adam and Aaron. Wonderful aren't they?

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