Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

I love warm fuzzies. :)
You know?
Not the feeling you get on a cold winter's night and you take a sip of hot chocolate.
That warm feeling you get when anyone sincerely compliments you (let alone a cute guy... :)) and then you all of a sudden walk a little bit taller with your head held high?
I've learned that there's this chemical called dopamine, and that's what shoots that fantastic feeling into your brain and occassionally makes your whole body shake with happiness.
I've been feeling that quite a bit lately.
And a lot in the past.

For example:
(I mix up my pronouns a lot in this post... just bear with me here... I'm tired... haha)
  • I got my braces off this summer. Lots of compliments. I feel super confident about my smile now and it's mostly because people have acknowledged it.
  • When one of your best friends (which the one I'm referring to is a guy, which makes it all the better), acknowledges and appreciates that I got ready and look good just to hang out with him for the day, when easily I could have just stayed in my pajamas and pulled my hair up instead. AND he notices what kind of perfume you're wearing. He appreciates that too. I love it when guys notice the little things, like actually doing my hair and wearing it down, or putting on an outfit that's somewhat fitting, instead of a t-shirt and pulling my hair back into a bun. It's one of those little things that I've learned make life better.
  • I've also learned that when someone does something for you out of the kindness of their heart (like make a milkshake and bring it to you at work) makes you feel that much better. Like "hmm... he was thinking about me today. awesome!" (Even though it was REALLY sweet and had a lot of chocolate in it and he ended up eating most of it, I still REALLY appreciated it.)
  • Or when he offers to give me a ride to work when no one else can, even though it may be somewhat inconvenient for him.
There are a few things that I haven't done recently or at all, but I'm sure that if they're in the right circumstances, warm fuzzies would be awarded. Such as situations like these:
  • Hand holding: This can totally occur in just about any relationship. From best friends all the way to a married couple. It's a simple act of affection for someone, yet, shouldn't be taken TOO lightly, but shouldn't be considered a sign of commitment either.
  • Hugging: Depending on who it's with, a warm, gentle, firm hug can always fix everything. Especially when you are put into an awkward situation and you don't know what to do and your best friend is right there to give you a hug for support. (And then they follow that with a text that sends a mental hug for just a little extra love and support. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything... ;) ) Even a hug that isn't for any reason at all but to just say goodnight after hanging out all day. That's the good stuff right there.
  • Kissing: Now, I'm not experienced in this subject, but I figure that if it's done with the right person, at the right time, warm fuzzies will fill your heart and well, your entire body for that matter.
Let's be honest here: if you love someone, you'll get warm fuzzies by just being with them. Or when they look at you a certain way that reassures your doubts that they still love you for you.

Hm... I could go on and on about when you just sit there and stare at each other (non-awkwardly) for about 30 minutes before one of you finally comes up with something to say, or going for walks around the neighborhood, and talking about anything and everything that happens to pop into the mind, but I won't. I want you to tell me about the things that give you warm fuzzies. Even if I've listed them already, I want to know exactly what else gives you such a warm feeling inside. And even if it doesn't have to do with a boy... that's fine. There are other such things that make one happy, like helping others, or being helped out, or a simple card of gratitude. I would love to hear it all :)

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