Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep Taking Pictures

I WAS gonna start a "100 Day Photo Challenge", but then I got a phone call. It was one of those random phone calls that are long distance, but you don't usually pick up the phone, ya know? Well, I picked up the phone, cause I figured it would be one of those random "you just won a million dollars!!!" phone calls. Haha, it wasn't. Now, before I go into the conversation, let me give you some background.

About a year ago, I got bored and saw an ad on Facebook for this online Photography school that is based in Pittsburg(h?) (SP?) and got bored, so I entered my information. Stupid. I know. But I did. Actually, it's a legit deal, so don't be too worried about me. Since then, I've been receiving many phone calls from the institute, asking me when I'm gonna start school and stuff. Haha, well, since I haven't graduated from high school yet, I haven't started anything else. (obviously.)

So I pick up the phone and say hello, and much to my surprise I hear, "Is Savanna there?"

Woah. Am I about to win a million dollars???

Me: This is she.

Random Guy (That I Can't Remember the Name of for the Life of Me.... We'll call him Mark...): I'm from the Institute of Art.

Me: Hi, how are you?

Mark: I'm doing great, thank you. Actually, I'm not gonna lie, I'm doing splendidly. How are you?

Me: I'm alright, thank you. (I'm not feeling well today, but of course I didn't tell him that... haha)

Mark: So I see that you signed up for information to the institute and you have some interest in photography I presume? When are you gonna sign up to do classes with us? Hopefully soon?

Me: Well, I can't yet, I'm not old enough.

Mark: Oh, that's cool, that's cool. Are you still in high school?

Me: Yeah, I'm gonna be a senior this year.

Mark: Alright, that's awesome. Are you taking photography classes and stuff?

Me: No, not yet, but I've been doing photoshoots.

Mark: Really? (He got really excited when I said that.) I see that you're from Utah. What area?

Me: Um... the Provo area.

Mark: If you don't mind me asking, the LDS area? (He basically phrased it as if asking if I were LDS. I replied yes, and he explained how he's LDS too... or something like that... haha, just made me laugh inside.) Well, I'll tell ya what... here's some advice for you. My sister is a photographer and started at a young age and now she doesn't have any free days. She's booked. If you get your stuff out there now and post stuff on the internet of pictures you take, like on Facebook and such, then people are gonna come rolling in. Especially when your friends who are RM's start coming home and getting married, you'll be booked! (HAHA!) Also, start taking pictures of kids, because people LOVE THAT. Seriously, though, you can do so well. People will start calling you and you're not gonna know what to do with yourself!

So when do you graduate? Next June? May?

Me: The end of May.

Mark: So we'll probably call you sometime in April and talk then. I know that our conversation went in a different direction, but seriously, keep taking pictures and don't ever stop! People are going to love you and you're gonna do great.

Me: Thanks. So where are you guys based? (I forgot that it was an online school...)

Mark: Well, it's based out of Pittsburgh but it's an online school. (Sweet! Cause I am NOT moving to Pennsylvania for school...)

Me: Okay, awesome. I'll have to look into that.

Mark: Great. You have a good day.

Me: Thanks, you too. Bbye.

Mark: Bye.


HAHA, totally made my day, okay? That's not exactly how the conversation went on, but it was awesome! I'm pretty sure he went on more about pictures and stuff but I can't remember half of what he said. I'm totally out of it today. Glad I picked up the phone! :) So taking his advice... I shall display some of my ALL-TIME favorite pictures that I have taken, just for you. How does that sound? And I will even go as far as posting some pictures of kids. Tell all your friends about me! I'm starting senior portraits in the fall and can do family portraits and if you're brave I'll even attempt to do your wedding. Haha, maybe... we'll see. I'll have prices posted soon. Very inexpensive, I can guarantee it :)

Kayla Smith (July 2011)

Natalie Luna (June 2011)

The Blackham Family (May 2011)

Ashlyn (April 2011)
Maddison Powell (September 2010)

If it concerns you, I would love to do a wedding.
Even if you already have a photographer, I would love to come out and help, just to build some experience. You just have to let me know ahead of time so I can plan my busy schedule around it. Or I could just start with your engagements. That I do feel comfortable with. And bridals or something. That would make me feel more comfortable. I'm doing a friend's bridals next week, so I'll be experienced with that. Haha, just let me know if you're interested :)

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  1. What an exciting phone call!! And you do take great pictures so keep taking them. I have a close friend in the 3rd Ward that's a photographer- I'll ask her about having you shadow her on her Wedding shoots so you can learn more, and let you know. Photography is a talent I wish I had so I admire those of you who have it and love looking at the pics you take. :D