Thursday, May 13, 2010

The All-Famous, Wonderful, Dashing, Clyde Family Vehicle (aka Clown Car)

As a result of the beautiful thing that we are, we are all friends and let me tell you, we do NOT have bubbles with each other. I know, it's so hard to tell. Some of us have thinner bubbles than others, but either way, all of ours are abnormally thin to say the least. Therefore, we cram in a car (aka clown carring it) and head over to Mountain View to see the beautimous one acts that they had to share with us. It was awesome and fun to see lots of people that I know. Good times, good times. Too bad I didn't see many people that I actually wanted to see and catch up with at least a bit. 

Here are some pictures from clown carring:

This was almost as bad as when we shoved everyone on the bench in 9th grade... almost... we fit more on the bench though :)