Monday, May 10, 2010

Orange is the Color of an Orange

There are many things that I could choose to blog about right now, but I don't have one in particular, so I must choose only one for now, and another for later. (Possibly later tonight, when I'm still bored and don't want to go to bed.)

Well, the first topic for tonight is ORANGE. Not red, not blue, not pink, not yellow; ORANGE

Orange isn't a color that you see people wear around often. But I'm proudly knowing that my friends and I DO connect telepathically. Especially in the morning when we are deciding what to wear. Don't ask where we get these special powers or why we have them or for what reason, for the fact is, we don't know... it doesn't have any magical feeling of triumph while happening, only when noticed. Here are some pictures of course. :)

Yeah, cause we're just that cool :)