Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who Knew?

Only a few times have I invited people to my house. VERY few times. Lovingly, I like to take them into my backyard because it's fun to play on the tramp and in the playhouse and it's good fun to think that I actually kind of still fit up there in that thing. It's old (almost 13 years old to be precise) and so it's old and rickety but still fantabulously fun to play in and cram in. The slide is a little out of the question considering the fact that I'm about as tall as it is long, but hey, no biggie :) Well, who knew how much fun you could have watching your cousins play on the tramp with an empty beer bottle. (I swear that it was empty and rinsed out before we started playing with it.)

 Awesome picture on the tramp, don't ya think? Yeah, I like it a lot :)

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