Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well, that was stupid... LET'S DO IT AGAIN!

Lately, in all of my boredom on a Sunday evening, while procrastinating packing the rest of my stuff for camp, I needed something to blog about, cause that's just how I roll. Anyways, I'm sitting here talking to Nikki and Katie gives me this idea to just write a funny story in general. I said to myself, "That doesn't help me much... there's a lot in this brain of mine and it's not useful information in case you were wondering..." So I tell Nikki what Katie said, and Nikki said, "Hey, remember that one time...." blah blah blah. So here today, I am here to explain the "blah blah blah". Bear with me here, I'm tired, sarcastic, and in a mood especially after working two full days in a row (and not looking forward to tomorrow's).

Once upon a time, there were three girls.
Maddi, Nikki, and Sav.
(I'm Sav.)
It was Thanksgiving Break, and the night before, we had had a family christmas party. It was kind of lame, but that's okay, cause we kept each other entertained. We all slept in grandpa's basement that night and woke up to find the ground covered in snow. We woke up and it was like super blinding to our eyes to look at the window cause it was super white and didn't have any yucky footprints in it yet. It wouldn't stay like that for long. So Nikki, Maddi and Sav all gear up for the snow and head out. They go to some random building behind the houses and find a ginormous pile of snow. Sav, not wanting to be wet and miserable, had her camera to take pictures instead of digging in the snow. So Nikki and Maddi dug a hold into the side of the ginormous pile of snow. Therefore, Sav got some awesome pictures (which shall be shown to you momentarily).

Eventually they climbed another hill to another building that was probably a little bigger than the others and they found this hill that was also covered in snow (but why wouldn't it be?) so they looked at it, decided it was a good one, and went down it. Thank goodness they had a sled... cause otherwise, that would be weird for them to go down the hill without it.

Much to YOUR surprise, they didn't think it out too well. They put little consideration into the fact that at the bottom of the hill, there was a building. So they thought they would be smart and go down the part of the hill that bottomed out into an alcove. What they REALLY didn't put into consideration, was that there was a cement table at the bottom on the cement.

They climbed to the top of the hill, (which took great effort) and slid down the hill. Thinking that they would be able to avoid the table, they didn't. The sled hit the table and instead of crying like babies, they laughed hysterically, and decided that they had better try it again.

This time, as they got to the top of the hill, they put in an effort to strategize a method of not running into the cement table. They went down again, but this time, dodging the table quite miraculously, they disregarded the tree that was right next to it. They then discussed that it was probably a good idea to move to a different part of the hill. Go figure.

Now, I may make them sound dumb, and moronic, but that's okay, because that was the idea. I hope it made you laugh, because every time I think about it, I'm glad I decided not to get into the sled with them. Cause if I did, it probably would have been fatal to myself as well as my camera.

Therefore, the moral of the story is, don't go sledding with Maddi and Nikki. But if you do, make sure Sav is there to take awesome pictures of you.

The end.

PS Nikki testifies that she only does stupid/dangerous things when she is with Maddi. So be especially careful around Maddi. Now you can't say you haven't been warned.

PPS I wish I could find a picture of the cement table... :/

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