Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who was the brainiac that decided to legalize aerial fireworks? Idiot...

Our backyard was on fire last night.
Thanks to some idiot who was lighting fireworks last night and caught our backyard on fire...
I don't usually call it the backyard though...
I call it,
(pause for effect)
Unlike most normal human beings,
our backyard is filled with weeds.
Yes, long, ugly, flammable weeds.
VERY fun to roam through (please hint my sarcasm).
Every once in a while we'll just try to mow it down.
Unfortunately, that's what takes our lawn mowers...
Poor things...
(Actually, I don't really know if that's why we don't have a lawn mower... I'm just trying to be silly... lol)

Anyways, here are a few things that you may need to know in order to receive a full life of satisfaction:

This is what our fence is SUPPOSED to look like. Nice, white and tan, and totally intact. (This section of the fence wasn't affected by the fire, thank goodness.)

This is the current state of the back fence. (And part of the west side was affected too...) Thank goodness we don't have that retarded wooden fence anymore... that would have made it A LOT worse.

See that disgusting green thing right there? Apparently that was BreAnna's favorite stuffed dog... Well... not anymore... She claims that she doesn't know how it got outside, buuuut, yeah. I don't know. All I DO know is that she was NOT happy about it...

Now to take a little bit of a close look on the damage:
This is the color that trees should look like-
(Just so you're aware, this tree lives within our sandbox... well, what's left of a sandbox... underneath our play house, which the play house wasn't affected at all by the fire, which is surprising because it's completely made of wood.)

And this is what happens afterwards...

Here are a few more pictures to give you a better view:

And here's a picture to give you a little more perspective-

I was standing on the very edge of wear the damage of fire was when I took this picture. Which is approximately 30-40 feet away. And that window that the big red arrow is pointing to? Yep, that's my sister's bedroom window... scary huh?

Well, now we can all be grateful that some random person called the police and got the firemen over to our house. It wasn't anything serious, but it definitely could have been. Thankfully my mom was able to be awakened by the police pounding on our door at 2 a.m. this morning. Thank you to whoever you are that saved our house and our lives last night. God is definitely watching over my family.


  1. How scary!! I'm glad the only damage (besides Breanna's poor dog) was the weeds and the privacy slats on the fence. It could have been worse!

  2. Hey it is one of breAnnas friends and I am so sorry for what has happend to your (jungle) haha so I Almagest for your stuffed animal breezy and your fence plus the back yard I am so glad you are ok and nothing happend to you or your family
    -Brittani Redford