Friday, July 29, 2011

The Draper Temple:

I had the wonderful pleasure of going to the Draper temple yesterday with some of the young women in my ward. What a lovely bunch of coconuts. The Draper temple was so beautiful and is the first temple that I have been inside besides the Timpanogos temple. I loved every second of it.

Yesterday at work, I was in THE WORST mood. I was on everybody's nerves and just being whiney and complaining about everything that popped into my mind. It was awful. Then my one of the ladies I work with said, "Savanna, you're having the worst day because you're planning on going to the temple."

Say what?

"Yeah, people will talk about this all the time. They have a really bad day and then they find that it's not worth it to go to the temple anymore and they just blow it off cause they're having such a bad day."

Well, let me tell ya, I was NOT going to blow off the temple because I know very well that it was the only thing that would correct this bad day. Ha, see Satan? I'm smarter than you in that aspect.

Well, I was right. We got into the temple, and I automatically felt peace. Ahh... I love that feeling. Don't you? Yep, it's magical... (to say the least)...

Anyways, here are some pictures:
(And just so you're aware, these are the first pictures I will be posting of me that I do not have braces. Just so you're aware of this... sorry it took me so long! :) )


  1. Oh I love the Draper temple! I think it's awesome how there are churches and homes right next door...makes the temple itself seem like everyone's everyday life. Wish Timp was in my backyard haha :)

  2. I spy... with my little eye... an awesome scarf. Bam.

  3. I am in love with this post! :)

  4. I wish you could come to the temple with me.... :(