Friday, July 23, 2010

The Goodness That Boredom Has Brought Me

I can tell you this now, that I've been trying to find other ways to cure my boredom whenever I have free time. Usually I'll write in my book of stuff (journal.. ha) or read my scriptures (not too often, but it happens) or write in my thought book or post a blogpost. But I haven't had many things to post on the blog about, so I decided to hit two birds with one stone because you can't very well come up with many cool blogging ideas while curing your boredom on Facebook. Trust me... I've tried SO I would cure my boredom AND come up with a cool post afterwards. So this is what I have come up with. :)

Ever since I can remember, Dad has always taught us one way that never fails of how to cure boredom during sacrament meeting. When I was little, I remember him making boxes and stuff out of the program and no joke, we thought they were the coolest thing ever. When I turned eight, he learned some other stuff and then we haven't really learned anything since then. He's taught me all his tricks and I've learned how to make them either from him or from the book that he learned them from. Examples of these involve:

The simplest piece of origami that I have yet to discover. I remember learning this one from a neighbor friend and making hundreds out of lots of different colors and keeping them as pets in an old box. Good stuff.

This is one of the first origami tricks that I learned. For a long time, this was the only thing that Dad knew how to make. It was rather clever and especially when you're like 5, it's the coolest to have one big one and then lots of little ones. It's a special box family! Trust me... when it came to the sacrament program... well, it was all "boxed up" by the end of every meeting.

I learned this one in sixth grade in social studies. I believe we were talking about factories and each of us had a different step to complete in making the heart. But of course, I still remember how to do all of it. This being one the most compact and simple ones, my scriptures have quite a few in them usually. If you ever need a paper heart, and I've got my scriptures on me, just let me know! 

This one has been my favorite for a long time. It being the most complex, yet fairly simple (only requiring one square sheet of paper) this is the most recent favorite of sacrament. Bre has even begun remembering how to make this one. Sometimes there are certain folds that are still tricky for her, but she manages. And they turn out really, really well. Although we may be 11 and 16, the name of "candy box" never gets shoved aside. We're always making them and hoping that Dad has candy in his suit pocket to fill it up!!!
Now what you're about to see is one that's a bit more complex. It hasn't been the most time consuming attempt at something complicated, but it has been the first time consuming successful one.

 This one, well, it was A LOT more complex than the simple ones that you see above. Not only does it contain more than one piece of paper... it takes TWELVE to put this baby together. I wish I had time to do a video of the awesomeness of it, but it flips out (like a firework) and these are all the stages that it has and it just repeats itself. I find it absolutely fascinating. LOL. I like it A LOT. Another difference in this one is that it's extremely time consuming. I mean, the ones above took me five minutes all together to make them all just to take pictures of them to put on here, but this firework took me the better part of 2 hours to learn and complete.

When I went up to show Dad he was just as amazed but his first words were "Well, the thing is is how do people come up with this stuff? Do they just fold paper in random ways until it works out for them???" Well, I might have to do some origami history research later, but for now, I don't have the time. I'm supposed to be starting laundry so that I can pack for girls camp because we have to take our stuff up to the church tonight. Ha, and I have to work between now and then. Well, I'm off! Hope you enjoyed the goodness that boredom has brought me!

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