Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spending a Day at the Lake

For a really long time now, I've imagined (even before I could technically "date"), taking a friend over to grandpa's house and spending time with the family and just laughing and hanging out. Well, at noon yesterday, while I'm at work, Mom tells me that the family's planning on going down to the lake and playing on the jet skis and just hanging out and having fun in the sun and the water. 

To unpopular belief, I'm not a huge water fan. I don't mind going swimming every once in a while in a pool where I know where I can touch and where I can't and where there's lifeguards every ten feet of pool, but at the lake it's a bit different. Well, I wanted to bring Alex with me since we've been wanting to hang out with my family and he's wanted to meet a few of my cousins. So it's now 1 o'clock at work and I'm calling him up to see if he wants to go. He can't. Dang. So I call Kaden up. He's busy that afternoon... Lame. Izak would've been the next call but he's been in Disneyland and didn't get home till late last night. Even more lame. So I went out on a limb and did something I wouldn't normally do and I asked this kid, Tanner, if he wanted to come with. It was a bit of a bolder action than I would normally make, considering I don't know him very well, but you've gotta hang out in order to get to know each other right? Well, he didn't my text in time for us to leave, so I just pushed it aside and figured, "woo... family time... yeah..." Haha, who am I kidding? I was a bit bummed. Well, either way it was still really fun and we had a great time.

Anyways, I jumped off the dock once and felt the mushy mud as I attempted to push myself up to the surface. I couldn't reach. The water was about 6 feet deep where we were messing around and hanging out. Again. Not the best swimmer out there. SO I got out, hoping that I'd urge myself to jump off the dock again. Didn't happen. Two words. Ear ache. STUPID. And then the head ache came. Well, anyways, I ended up falling asleep on my stomach for who knows how long, out in the sun and getting a wicked burn on my back (doesn't happen often) and then woke up and took pictures of Maddi and Nikki jumping off the dock. I got some pretty cool ones too. I was pretty stoked about them. I still am! Haha, anyways, that was my day at the lake. Fun times :)

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