Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wisdom in Dating

So as most of you know, I had my FIRST date on Saturday (July 10). Another majority of you also know that I got my WISDOM teeth out on Friday (July 9), yes, the day before the date, and had another oral surgery at the same time. Intense right? Yeah, it most definitely was.

This was our AWESOME group and we had a really good time. (From left to right: Brayden, me, Kallie, Alex, Austin and Jenni) We went and saw Toy Story 3. The only regret I had from the movie was sitting in the SECOND row. I was ready to shoot myself, but I made it through and even at the parts that scared me, (yes, that movie had me a bit worried, okay?) and the fact that Brayden was laughing at me the whole time, I still enjoyed it and it was a great time. They also laughed at my frozen water bottle that I used for my face to try and prevent swelling. (Still not too swollen, but you know, it helped....) Helped with the headache too, haha. Besides the stitches coming out of my mouth from laughing so hard, the nasty burnt hot dog and sitting in the second row at the movie theater, the date was pretty much awesome and completely memorable. Can't wait to hit that dating field some more with lots of great friends.

Now for those wisdom teeth. I've been lucky enough to be the healthy child in the family. Don't get me wrong, Bre is really healthy too, in fact she's usually more physically active than I am (which is always good) BUT, I've never been in the hospital as a patient, let alone had a surgery done for... well, anything! So going to the oral surgeons was a bit intimidating, let's be honest. I wasn't the least bit excited, just a little worried. Let me tell you though, the part I was most afraid of was being stabbed by the needle for the IV... haha, I don't even know what I was so worried about. Here's another confession: when they put the anesthetic in me, dude, that was the coolest feeling EVER. My chest got heavy and all I remember before I went out was when I was saying the most random things and I remember them laughing and telling the two people (the surgeon and his helper) that I was glad I could entertain them. Wasn't quite sure if it was my natural sense of humor or my new introduction to drugs that do funny things to you...

One last confession: I've taken more pills this weekend then I have in my ENTIRE life. Lortab is definitely my favorite (and my new best friend, sorry Carly and Izak... hahaha) and it probably always will be because I won't have much else to compare it to. It's helped me sleep and helped me with the pain and it's definitely helped me entertain lots of other people! When I woke up from the surgery, man, it was SOOO weird. My entire mouth was numb and it was fun to watch Dad flinch every time I bit him on accident when he was changing the gauze inside my mouth. HAHAHA, really, it was hilarious (and completely on accident, I swear!!!). And I was totally glad I was somewhat "with it" when I went on my date with Brayden 24 hours after the surgery. I also have a weird recurring fascination with the band-aid on my arm from the IV. Totally made sense when I said it, but totally doesn't anymore. It's quite a bummer...

Just a hint: If you don't want your picture taken or a video recorded of you doped up on anesthetics, hide the memory cards to all electronic devices that have that capability and if they have internal memory, HIDE THE BATTERIES. I did that, and it was fun. Everyone laughed at me when I told them what I did. It was fun for me too. There are a couple downsides to anesthetics and these other drugs too... you are definitely a LOT more emotional, you're a bit more moody and they make you really tired (that also has to do with the surgery and the fact that your body is using all it's energy to try and heal you)... well, anyways, there are my fun facts about my surgery. Most definitely an awesome weekend to make up for a not so fun, miserable, irritating and swollen Monday. 

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