Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What A Bit Of Boredom and Some Time Will Do For You

Hello my fellow viewers, (although there aren't many), what you're about to see is really the unthinkable. At the YCL Retreat that we had in April, the stake leaders decided that all the YCL's should have hats that are camoflauge. I thought, "exciting. I'll finish it tonight and be done with it". Not the case. Although I did do most of it there, I will admit that I have spent a bit more than an hour or so working on it at home to get it the length that I want. Let's be honest, you're either gonna love it, or you're gonna be like "why the crap did she do that for? that's laaaaaame." Well, guess what?!?!? It's not lame. You're just jealous because you don't have one! So ha! The people that I've showed it to so far thought it was awesome, so let's hope that it will suffice to everyone's needs and pleasures of pointlessness on my blog :) So here are some pictures to show you!

Oh and by the way, if any of you are wondering, it's approximately 4'2".

The loooooooooooooooongness of it :)
 Really, I think you should be jealous right now...
It could be a sock too. Heehee, or a pant leg for someone that has legs that are four feet and two inches long.... obviously not me... haha (you can ignore my face on this one. not needed... haha)
Outstretched! (obviously, i stretched it out a little bit because it looks cool that way!)
And me just being crazy. As usual :)

 Well, now that you've seen me at my best and craziest, I shall definitely have to let you know how it goes at camp :) Thanks for reading my fellow Facebook peeps!!!

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  1. Bahahaha I love it Savanna!
    P.S. You should know that, I will seriously take you up on your offer to talk to you, somethings I just can't talk to with my other friends because they.. could be the problem?
    Anyways, It's a two way street love, I may be old and "An Adult" now, But you can always talk to me about anyyyyything. I love to give advice on all sorts of situations, and it might help that I'm not judgmental either ;) Keep that in mind cute kid!