Saturday, September 11, 2010

Car Wash Fundraiser

So just like last year, we had our annual PERFORMING ARTS CAR WASH FUNDRAISER!!!! [dramatic music!!!!] Okay, it's not that extravagent, but it sure is fun! I always look forward to hanging out with lots of people from school, outside of school. So anyways, it was just really fun and I had a really great time, although I did ask for it when I kept getting everybody all wet. I think I may have freaked out Jeremy Endicott when I kept getting him wet... haha, he probably thinks I'm more obnoxious than he originally thought. LOL, I guess I asked for it though. Oh and don't forget about Kallie... dude... she just would not leave me alone! That woman totally asked for it. She kept shoving the soapy sponge in my face... yeah... I wasn't happy, but just kept laughing about it, because it truly was funny. Anyways, yeah, here's some fun pictures from today. We had a good time!

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