Saturday, September 25, 2010

BYU Football Game

Let's be honest... I've had my fair share of football this weekend. I do understand it a bit more now that I actually care to watch it and have been watching it more often with the football games at the high school and going with Dad to the BYU football games. I mean, as much as I love BYU, the game wasn't so hot... haha, you know it's bad when half of the stands are empty by the end of the 3rd quarter... you know what I'm saying? Haha, but in the last 3 minutes it was freaking hilarious... and... well... to be perfectly honest... I was laughing at how stupid they were being!!! I really and honestly wish that I could just do that at the high school football games... but it's hard when they've built up your pride in them and then TEAR IT DOWN WITH STUPID MOVES AND BECOMING TOO FULL OF THEMSELVES AND LOSING TO THE SCHOOLS WITH SOME OF THE WORST FOOTBALL REPUTATIONS EVER!!!!! Again, I love our guys, and not every single one of them are like that. I respect the ones that actually try, not the ones that think they're too good to try... wow... I can't believe I just went off on that again... I sincerely apologize. Anyways, I had a great time at the BYU game. It was really a blast. The guys said that I came across as bored... but trust me, I wasn't!!! I was concentrating! It was good. And I may just need to google the fundamentals of football because as many times as it's tried to be explained to me... it just hasn't worked out so well... haha. Alright, well, yeah. Anyways, tonight was a blast. I really do love watching football and all of it's magicalness. Have a good night everyone! :)

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