Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Past Due

Much to my surprise, lots of time has past by since some very important things have happened. Well, okay, not important, but fun things that have importance in my blogging world and I've just been too swamped with everything to worry about my blog. I miss it though, so it must be fixed! (and I'm procrastinating English homework right now, it's my dreaded subject...) On the Saturday before school started we had a multi-stake dance and we decided that we wanted to hang out before hand, so we went over to Alex's house... okay, Izak and I went over to Alex's house, soon to be greeted by Alex's friend Sarah. It was good fun... except for being pelted with crab apples by Aaron. Alex defended me and held him back. It was a good time for sure!

Let's be honest... I just love posting pictures :)

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