Sunday, February 7, 2010

(insert team here)

Well, it's the start of a brand new week tomorrow and I still have yet to finish my actors' homework. It's terrible and it will have been almost two weeks late and it's hanging over my head. I hate it. I absolutely hate it... HATE is a strong word and it's one of the words at the top of my "Words I Hate" list (yes I noticed the irony in that too) but this is one of the few things that I will not manage, and that is having responsibilities that hang over my head. Normally it's just homework and projects, but sometimes something else comes along (church, extra curricular, and other various responsibilities)

Sunday is supposed to be a day of relaxful peace and steadiness, but not in a high schooler's life. It consists of going to church, coming home and jamming homework in that is supposed to be due the following Monday. Also to add to things here, it's Super Bowl Sunday and everybody's bustling around trying to get all the snacks and food ready for kick-off at 4. Shawna just said herself that it's not about football, it's about hanging out with the family. LOL no, it's about the competitive fun and arguing over whether the (insert team here) or the (insert another team here) are gonna win. In this case it would be the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orlean Saints. I'll be cheering for the Colts just in case anybody's wondering and also, only because Maddi is rooting for them and I honestly didn't care until she got me excited for it. It's pretty great stuff. Is anybody else kind of upset with the new Facebook layout? I mean, they change it so often and it pisses me off. It's a pain to find everything and they've moved everything around. It's terrible. Gah! It frustrates me. And just for the record I chose the worst day possible to miss my ward's church block session thingy. It sucked. (Amber, I love you by the way. Hope everything's alright!) Also I missed the Young's baby blessing. Wasn't expecting anything because he was born last Monday! Never have I witnessed somebody blessing their baby the week after they're born! And just watch, Brayden probably went to church with Josh today too... I wouldn't be surprised...

I've also decided that I wasn't in love with "Dear John". I've decided that there were a few parts that gave me warm fuzzies but overall I wasn't too impressed. On a happy note, this week... Well, okay, no, nothing exciting happening this week. My life is dull at the current time. No rehearsals, no fun plans to hang out with friends or anything! Just an epic fail of a week...

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