Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's my chaos, which is why I choose to accept it!

This past week has been utter CHAOS! But it's my chaos, which is why I choose to accept it. I probably shouldn't be blogging right now because I have so much to do, but hey, what can I say? I'm officially addicted :)

Well, last week felt like it was never going to end. Monday I sent off my first letter to Cass up in Oregon. She said that she received it Friday and I canNOT wait to hear back from her! I love letters! The week was just so slow and boring. Well, finally, Saturday came and I had to work till three and then I went over to Shawna's for Britani to cut my hair. Yeah, I cut a lot off. If you look closely, you can see the difference. (It kind of blends in with my vest thingy)

After being at Shawna's for a bit too long, I went over to Alex's house to hang out with him, Izak, Michael, Kaden and Kallie! Man, I never get tired of hanging out with those guys! They are such a blast! I think the pictures explain enough as is. Heehee :)

Yes, these are four different feet, but they are also only from two people. Haha, Kal and I gave up long ago on trying to match socks.
Haha, allow me to explain. Alex was trying to get Izak and Kaden to lift sixty pounds while standing up against the wall... of course, he was the only one that could do it. Everybody also arm-wrestled everybody. No doubt about it, I was of course the weakest. Alex wouldn't even try because he said that he was waiting for me to try... and I was...

We also established the fact that I have really small hands. While my ring finger is a 4 1/2, Izak's is a 9, Alex and Kaden couldn't even fit my CTR ring (fit for my ring finger) on their pinkies.

Also, Alex and I attempted to get a picture of the two of us that we've been trying to get for months! Although we had many sad attempts and failed (already knowing we would have to do it a BAJILLION times to get it right) we've already got another scheduled time to try again, and I'll be prepared this time! (let's hope) Here is one of our few sad attempts. Haha! (The thing is, is that Alex looks great in like all of these, but I'm just kind of there. I mean, I'm pretty sure it was the lighting, and yes that does make a huge difference, so we're gonna try my backyard the next time we get together and try in a couple of weeks)
This next one is my favorite, just because it's totally not posed, it's just, "Oh! Let's take a picture really quick".
Haha, sad I know. We're also going to be a bit more eclectic ((my new favorite word, meaning diverse or different)) the next time we get together and try a few different things.

We also found Alex's real laugh. I've heard just about every single one of my friends' real laugh, but his. Trust me, I definitely got a kick out of it. It was absolutely hilarious. I almost died laughing.
Okay, and then these next two pictures are basically the reason why these guys are my favorite and why I hang out with them so much. We can cram on a couch ALL TOGETHER at ONCE! Haha, okay, it's really not that hard. There are only 6 of us, but the craziness and happiness that they bring me keeps me euphoric and the different things that we come up with to keep ourselves occupied also holds many treasured memories!
One with Michael... and then we pushed him off...
And then Little Aaron Blackham jumped on. Haha, I love that kid. The coolest 5 year old I've ever met!

Something else that has also started to help fill up my schedule even more is Pippin! It's going to be a blast, I can already tell! Even after just two rehearsals!
Me, Kallie and Craig
Brandon, Steven, Chase and Chance getting pumped up for rehearsal... a warm-up I guess you could call it.
Haha, and yes, I know this is creepy... but it's Chase and Craig... what else could you expect???

Well, nothing much of anything else is going on. I've got solo/ensemble tomorrow and hopefully I'll get lucky. I shouldn't do too horrible. I've got my song memorized and Alex is playing for me, so we'll have to see how it goes. Lovely, lovely... well, anyways, let's see... I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday... We've found out that my teeth are impacted and so I'm going to be needing my wisdom teeth out soon. (soon as in a couple of months soon) I'm scared and I'm worried but I'm not going to talk about it a lot so if you do end up reading this, I'd rather we not talk about it unless you REALLY want to know what's going to have to happen. And can I just say that I REALLY love the orthodontist? I mean, my teeth are getting to be so happy.. teehee :) but really, they're super nice and I love them all to death!!! It's fantastic.

And one last additional thing... I love seminary! Cute boys and a strong spiritual feeling throughout the whole room! It just does not get any better than that!

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  1. And might I say that I think your hair is darling also!